HR365: Catering Paperless & Effortless Office 365 HR Business Apps

Manoj Kumar,  CEOHR functions today aim to improve the productivity and efficiency of the business through the automation of manual and repetitive tasks. This, in turn, also frees up the HR team’s time which can then be used to address more strategic, business critical tasks. Eliminating the pain of the operational aspect of HR, HR365 group working as an Office 365 SharePoint services & application provider offers cutting-edge technologies to the global industry. The company's services & solutions are designed to improve the efficiency of the organization which optimizes cost, performance, and professionals to focus on their core business strengths.

Headquartered in California with an Indian office in Bengaluru, HR365 provides a paperless and effortless HR management solution with a user friendly interface which has various modules that can scale to meet different organizational needs. "Now with HR365, there is no need for manual paper based requests, documents or even excel based tracking. Almost all aspects of HR operations are automated with customizable digital forms and data, stored securely with the client's Office 365 tenants. Hence, with Office 365's authentication, there is no need for additional user name and passwords", explained Manoj Kumar, CEO, HR365.

Hassle-Free HR Management Services
Today, the advancements in the HR function is not only improving the efficiency and productivity of the business but also lay the foundations to organizational change. To
provide efficient HR services, the company's Office 365 HR system offers direct & extended HR operations which include employee onboarding, employee separation, leave management system, time off manager, asset management, expense tracker, recruitment, performance, payroll, employee directory, time tracker and various similar operations of HR. But such efficiency comes with lots of challenges, the significant one being, data security. Unlike other HRMS cloud solution providers, HR365 doesn't store clients' data on its server. Instead, the company can keep their confidential data in Office 365 library securely. This new technology of HR365 is called ‘SharePoint hosted apps by Microsoft, wherein the information can be only accessed by the authorized employees of the client.

HR365 provides a paperless and effortless HR management solution with a user friendly interface

Moreover, most HR teams share their trouble of handling multiple solutions like leave, expense, onboarding, payroll, asset management and many more from different portals with different logins. Also, clients express their grievances for doing repetitive processes manually where the probability of missing some of the action items is more. HR365 provides various operations for HR with employee onboarding being one of them. HR365 employee onboarding is highly configurable and easily customizable to suit clients' needs and also allows HR team to onboard employees on time without additional paperwork. With Onboarding module it can intimate IT & hiring manager for arranging resources such as laptops, desk and informing them as soon employee joins the organization. Additionally, the company provides a helpdesk app called XDesk 365 which helps to track all the internal HR, Admin and IT requests within the organization. This app routes all the requests to respective departments automatically to track SLAs and allows users to check the live status of employees' issues or requests raised so far.

Established in 2015, HR365 has provided its services to many small and medium businesses. Pyramid E&C is an engineering company that was facing bottlenecks with multiple existing HR solutions that were not connected. HR365 helped them in implementing various HR modules including connecting with intranet and integrating with their ERP and other solutions. Similarly, HR365 helped Prudent Insurance Brokers (Insurance Broker Company)and AppGallop (IT Solution Company). With the help of HR365, the companies were able to streamline their activities without any hassle. Furthermore, HR365 has plans underway to launch applications for Google apps or GSuite users too. The company's vision is to build an institution that would outlast the lives with a strong inclination towards being driven by values.