Asset FCM: Providing Flawless & Seamless Integrated Facility Management Services by Incorporating Latest Technologies

Ankur Dhar, CEO  With advancements in the areas of communications, GPS, smart home systems and database integrated facility management, housekeeping services demand innovative technology which can act as a serious differentiator in this hypercompetitive world. Tragically, most housekeeping vendors fail to incorporate technology advancement that are acceptable for today’s customer whose palates are evolving, and desires premium quality & high-end services.

Hosting a paradigm shift in the way service industry works in India, Asset Facility Management Service (FCM), a professionally managed company, under the aegis of Ankur Dhar(CEO), offers flawless, seamless, integrated facility management services to all range, style and size of buildings including corporate, commercial, institutional, industrial, educational, hospital, residential and others. Since its inception in 1996, the company is undertaking facade, glass and glazed wall cleaning with suspended trolleys.

The Backbone
Backed by skilled & dedicated housekeeping staff, Asset FCM proactively responds to client’s needs & distinctive lifestyles, and caters to the client’s preferred level of assistance. For each project, trained professionals are designated and customers get daily/weekly & monthly schedules according to their requirements. Its expert management team along with top-tier
professionals not just understand the need of the modern day commercial buildings and work closely with clients to deliver them customer made services, but also ascertain that operations, management and maintenance of buildings & equipments are accurate, reliable & properly regulated, thereby endowing smooth functioning of the property. “We understand that the spaces we manage are like living organisms, and take care of them in a similar manner. From our stringent systems and procedures, to our holistic approach, our clients have come to expect the very best from us,” professes Ankur.

Backed by skilled & dedicated housekeeping staff, Asset FCM proactively responds to client’s needs & distinctive lifestyles, and caters to the client’s preferred level of assistance

To render speedy, simplified and cost effective housekeeping services, this process oriented company deploys customized facility management software and dedicated systems(based on site’s requirements)that assure longevity of its international standard equipment. This system-driven firm understands & utilizes all forms of technology and conducts surprise audits ensuring the delivery of a well thought-out, real-time, and to the point solutions to clients. Striving to manage facilities in ecofriendly way, Asset FCM practices waste management disposal, rain water harvesting and energy conservation.

Employee Friendly
Outclassing its competitionwith a highly specialized training program, Asset FCM educates its clients on various system implementations incorporated in integrated facility management. Further enhancing customer experience, the company uses mobile apps to resolve complaints and manages a well formulated complaint handling department, supervised by directors. The mobile app is also used by team leaders to extract maximum output from each employee. Ankur says, “We are all high motivated, with a high sense of personal responsibility, and that is what we inculcate in our key leaders. We are efficient and unobtrusive and almost invisible as we work”.

Asset FMC meets 100 percent statutory compliances for employees in all respect, be it ESIC & provident benefits, medical insurance and provide them all required technical and service oriented training on their joining. The company associates with a NGO Navpath Foundation that conducts skill development and technological training programs (how to use latest equipments & gadgets)in native language, thereby enhancing the efficiency of workforce. Enriched with such features, Asset FCM is witnessing a whopping growth of five crores every year.