Hosting Duty: Web Hosting Made Easy!

Nenadd Chandorkar,CEOAleader in the arena of cloud-based services, managed servers, dedicated servers, virtual private servers and shared hosting. Pune based hosting duty is considered to be one of the most prominent web hosting providers in the country. Unlike any it company that follows a typical work culture, the 50 member highly-spirited & enthusiastic team at hosting duty brings in a sense of connectedness and tends to be a young key player in the flourishing domain.

What started off with a single dedicated server and a website in 2015, hosting duty is the brainchild of nenadd chandorkar, a computer science graduate with immense expertise in linux servers, gradually transformed itself to create a giant impression in a short span. Later the company was joined by pranav chitanand & vipul modak, and are solely responsible for the internal operations, product development and overall process improvement of the organization. Today, with data centres located in india, singapore, and usa, it possesses 1000+ servers and has been able to host more than 30,000 websites and manage servers across the globe.

“as the web hosting services opens the door of opportunities to grow at the same time it reflects the dire
need to opt for a professional grade hosting services that not only host but also creates a platform that makes the “maintenance & managing” function much easier. Identifying this, we came up with this unique platform hinged upon quality services,” says nenadd chandorkar,ceo(director), hosting duty.

With data centres located in india, singapore, and usa, it possesses 1000+ servers and has been able to host more than 30,000 websites and manage servers across the globe

Registration. Support. Analytics – all under one roof
Captivating the essence of the current trends and trying to carve a niche in the respective arena, hosting duty believes its forte as the ‘customer service, products, and customized servers’. Nenadd asserts, “all the servers,which are well customized and assembled, assists to achieve great performance, power, and speed at an affordable price and render personalized customer services.”

The company firmly believes that their specific tailor-made servers fit into the client’s requirement and allows them to enjoy the flexibility of managing their own servers. Touted to deliver a wide range of products and services that are suitable for the clients, the offerings include shared hosting, business hosting, wordpress hosting, virtual private servers and dedicated servers. Through these services, it bestows
to host informative websites, carefully designed products hosting platform for start-ups and corporate focused on business emails, hassle-free and secured wordpress website for developers, vps and dedicated servers for small, medium and large websites with customization possible including operating system and software to be installed.

Mentioning on the flagship offering, he adds,“our flagship has always been the dockers, the small containers that host the applications on the internet, thousand times faster, secured and scalable and is charged only on the basis of per hour billing & provides attractive offers.”

Expansion & automation- the way forward
Over the years, the company has inculcated the latest technological advancements such as openstack, deploy mechanism, per hour billing, with leveraging protocols, data centre monitoring system and firewalls to ensure data safety in terms of backups, data integrity, and cybersecurity. With serving 5000+ clients and having garnered 20 awards some of the prominent clients consist of uber, legasis services, clean india group, patan co-operative bank, and more. Soon the company is planning to launch hd pro, a dedicated space for developers where they can access all hosting duty’s product at a discounted price along with suggesting products to their existing clients- all through a single dashboard. Growing exponentially at 500 percent, he concludes, “being focused more on marketing, our upcoming plans are to host 1,00,000 new website in next 2 years with data centre expansion and leading towards automation.”