HOSTINDIA.NET: Experience the Best Web and Cloud Hosting Services for Growing Businesses

Rahul Kurkure,DirectorToday every business is about internal processes and changing the customer journey from an analog transactional process to a digital lifecycle. The great reliance on channel partners who can enter an organization should understand the customer requirements, consult with the business, and provide real business outcomes. Pune-based HOSTINDIA.NET - a business unit of Hostin Services Private Limited - having experienced in the industry for more than 19+ years understands this much better than any other competition in the space.

Rahul S Kurkure, Director,Hostin Services, boldly states “We really see ourselves as key partners, key advisers, around how technology can continue to help and evolve the organization overall. We work with various vendors to listen and understand what customers want. So, we make sure we focus on how we continue to offer value. How we continue to disrupt and evolve customer’s business. We are always looking forward and always looking at the blocking issues. One question I always ask – ‘What is stopping this business from adopting the cloud?’” He further adds “At the same time, we look inward and ask the hard questions of ourselves too – How do we bring efficiencies within us? What is the next value-add that will continue to be that one step ahead of wherever the rest of the competition is! I will do anything that helps our customers and their staff.
That is the key to where we are, and why our cloud business has grown so quickly.”

Initiating Business Transformation – Customized Solutions

Today, HOSTINDIA.NET define a cloud strategy driven by customer’s business requirements and goals. The company assesses clients cloud readiness, develop the business case, find the right solutions, and guide the business transformation.

Known for its result oriented, cost-effective web hosting and cloud services, HOSTINDIA.NET takes massive pride in its security, reliability and fast turnaround.

Rahul explicates “We know CIO’s & IT managers and what they want and don’t want. In the past few years, we have seen a growing need to engage with other influencers such as the CFO, CMO, and CDO. We believe we are ahead because we can demonstrate business benefits and outcomes to these stakeholders” Amidst all this, HOSTINDIA.NET focus has always been around setting up and transforming client business. While traditional players were more focused on hardware, the company took a conscious decision to deliver managed services and make it their USP. “Our hosting and Managed Services experience for our clients across different verticals has helped us to understand what our clients need and their customers want. We look at a way to incorporate that experience and enrich the support we offer,” he adds.
Known for its result-oriented, cost-effective web-hosting and cloud services, HOSTINDIA.NET takes massive pride in its security, reliability and fast turnaround. Also, to greatly speed up the process, the company has plans and checklists in place. Business needs fully-scalable solutions, thus the company offers tailor-made solutions to its clients based on their requirements. This essentially helps them get the most RoI out of their IT investment.

The Future Roadmap

Since the day one, the company has been self-funded and has had an organic growth. Their managed services business has been dramatically growing well. “So, the question is, how do we continue to accelerate the growth?” asserts Rahul. Because of the exponential growth, the company is focusing on new areas, such as AI, Analytics, and Bigdata. Recently, the company has been involved in new projects, whereby they are developing exciting products and services, which will soon disrupt the marketplace. Most
importantly, HOSTINDIA.NET has grown multi-folds because of the relationships with their customers. “They have been our biggest
advocates and supporters, till date. Our mantra is to do the right thing for our customers, and we know they will continue to do the right thing for us,” ends Rahul, on a positive note.