Horizon Infra: Providing Qualitative and Timely Steel Building Solution

Ajay Sharma,Director

Ajay Sharma


The growth and development of any industry depends on its infrastructure. With growth in the various industrial sectors, the demand for well-constructed buildings has increased tremendously. Infrastructure development has led to requirement of setting up industrial structures that are not only strong and durable, but can be set up within a short time span. In order to build a building that is strong, durable, and is quick to construct and practically possible to plan and implement, then pre-engineered buildings are the answer.

Here is Thane-based Horizon Fabtech Infra providing cost effective turnkey solutions to the customers for Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings and Heavy Industrial Steel Structures. The company is into design and manufacturing of Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings, conforming to international quality standards. Every metal building is designed for the customer's use, load, size and to meet the requirements of the project's location for rain, wind, snow and seismic coding.

Key functions
Horizon entered into Pre-engineered Steel Building sector with a vision to offer cost effective, high quality and high-tech building solutions. A pioneer in Pre-Engineered Steel Building (PEB), Horizon has set its fully operational plant in Maharashtra with widely spread manufacturing facility. Horizon has the latest technology and modern machinery equipped with CNC Plasma cutting,
automatic H-beam welding lines, CNC punching and CNC Cold forming machine. Horizon is committed to Design, Manufacture and Installation of Pre-Engineered Steel Buildings which are custom built and designed in accordance with sound principles of engineering using Computer-Aided Designing. Horizon Fabtech utilizes programs with precision and quality fabrication to meet the structural requirements of Pre-Engineered Steel Building System.

Being a premier organisation in the PEB sector, Horizon's key factors consists of:
• Complete Building Solutions under one roof.
• Ultramodern machineries and efficient management sys
• tem to ensure reduced construction time and faster deliveries.
• A design team to continuously innovate on designs of various structures headed by highly experienced structural engineers in PEB.
• Usage of Galvanised Purlins to save erection time, reduce buildings maintenance cost and avoid herculean task of repainting of purlins.
• Good communication tools to give better service to customer.
• State of the art fabrication facility that integrates CNC manufacturing equipment on the shop floor minimizing the need of manual interface in order to reduce errors.

Growth of the company
Orders received from the customer is properly vetted and understood for clarity. Any missing points are clarified with customer. General Arrangement (GA) drawings are prepared with all the details and requirement of the customer and sent for customers approval. Upon receiving the final approved GA drawings, the design team prepare detailed shop drawings using the latest software and Building design codes.

All fabricated structures are manufactured using latest CNC manufacturing equipment like Plasma cutting, Hydraulic Shear, Automatic punching, Continuous Submerged arc welding etc. minimising the need for manual interface. After going through proper quality checks, the structures are finished by painting. The cold formed sections like Roofing and wall sheeting are roll formed using fully automated roll forming lines. Because of these factors, a number of clients have reposed their trust in Horizon.

Non clarity by some customers about their requirement, frequent changes in design and layout, delay at site due to land clearances, etc. are usually client's challenges and Horizon helps to bridge the gap to overcome these challenges. Horizon Fabtech has been having a continuous growth since inception with almost 60percent of their customers repeating orders. Horizon looks forward to be the most reliable partner for its customers in its journey of growth.