Hinex Logistics: Prioritizing Safe Delivery Of The Consignments Within The Minimum Stipulated Turnaround Time

Bajrang Agarwal,Co-Founder

Bajrang Agarwal


The massive penetration of the internet and smartphone in the market has helped the e-commerce sector in India experience an unprecedented boom over the last decade. Logistics is one of the salient aspects of e-commerce that takes care of the safe delivery of deliverables to the end user. Starting from picking up the goods or deliverables from the warehouse to ensuring the delivery has safely reached the end user within the deadline, the whole e-logistic operation is a complex and multistep process.

There have been many start-ups as well as reputed brands taking care of the delivery of the massive shipment volumes ordered by the end users across the country through various Indian e-commerce platforms.

Started in 2017 by Bajrang Agarwal, Hinex Logistics is a Kolkata-based fast-growing Logistics and Supply Chain Company with its entire operation based out of Eastern India. The firm has a team of highly qualified professionals taking care of the delivery of the consignments in a speedy, safe, and timely manner.

After working at TCS for around 10 years, Bajrang Agarwal started a commercial vehicle booking app named Koolee. However, the business couldn’t take off due to the pandemic that affected businesses across the world. The failure of Koolee made Agarwal focus on his logistics venture, Hinex
Logistics, which has been experiencing substantial growth over the last three to four years.

Coming to the service portfolio, Hinex Logistics is majorly focusing on e-logistics or e-commerce, bulk distribution, last mile, and the same-day delivery service as part of its operation. The firm has always prioritized safe and undamaged delivery of the consignments to end-users within the minimum stipulated turnaround time. While the majority of the logistics companies have been massively overburdening their warehouses and employees to stay ahead of the market competition, Bajrang Agarwal has always been motivated by a quote that says “Only fill your plate to how much you can eat".

He doesn’t believe in overloading his team and believes in expanding the firm’s infrastructure and manpower first before increasing the loads, which ensures that the team doesn’t get overburdened while ensuring ontime delivery of the products by 90-95 percent.

It’s the quality service as well as transparency in business that helps the firm stand out from the rest of its peers in the market. Employees are at the core of Hinex Logistics’s business and the firm believes in the well beings of its delivery agents, ensures that they are satisfied, and compensates them properly instead of exploiting them with meagre bonuses for overload work.

According to Bajrang Agarwal, ”Employees are the core of Hinex Logistics, and if they are satisfied, everything will run smoothly. Whether it's money or leaves or breaks for their physical well beings, we have to make sure that their necessities are fulfilled. Happy employees are the main reason behind prosperous business ventures".

Hinex Logistics has always prioritized safe and undamaged delivery of the consignments to end-users within the minimum stipulated turnaround time

Started in 2017 with an annual turnover of just Rs.7 lakhs, Hinex Logistics has come a long way with an annual turnover of around four crores by the end of 2022. The firm is mostly operating across East India with West Bengal being the main operation hub. The firm has set up proper infrastructure, manpower, and multiple warehouses in Calcutta, Ranchi, Bhubaneswar, and Guwahati. Hinex Logistics has plans to expand its business across all verticals of logistics and is going to launch an app based on the service. The firm also has plans to expand its business across other parts of India.