Helios Automations: Transforming Solar EPC Industry with Innovation & Technology

Vinay Kumthekar,Managing Partner

Vinay Kumthekar

Managing Partner

India is one of the top ten countries in the world to utilize solar power with full enthusiasm. In the year 2019, India became the second-largest solar power market in the world in terms of deployment after overtaking the United States. The country has been making rapid strides towards alternative sources of energy and has set up an aggressive renewable energy installation target of 175 GW by 2022. However, just setting up a target is not enough to accomplish the desired goal. India needs enthusiastic players in the market who can fortify the ecosystem and help the government achieve energy security in the coming years. One such solar energy solutions maestro is Helios Automations that is committed to boosting the utilization of green energy and providing energy-efficient solutions to rural, urban, industrial and commercial consumers.

Incorporated in 2017, Helios Automations started its journey as a startup with the high vision of developing innovative renewable energy technologies, processes, systems, products & services at par with inter-national specifications. Basically, the firm's prime target is to create a sustainable energy ecosystem and strengthen the energy & power sector of India while contributing its best to the national goal of attaining energy security. Today, under the headship of Vinay Kumthekar (Managing Partner), Helios Automations has not just touched new heights but has engraved its name in the energy sector of India as one of the most dedicated and reliable Solar Power solution providers.
"We believe that every citizen must get benefited by the applications and ideas that are developed globally. Hence, our endeavour is to make global technologies work for people's everyday lives. Furthermore, our first & foremost priority is to offer the best solar EPC services in order to meet our primary goals that are - achieving energy security, contribute in the increment of clean power, strengthening availability & access of energy, and attaining energy affordability," states Vinay Kumthekar, Managing Partner, Helios Automations.

Helios Automations, the Pune-based Solar Company is renowned for its best-in-class service portfolio which includes designing, manufacturing, supplying and installation of Solar Panels and Arrays (300w to 550w capacity), Solar Power Plants (1kW to 5MW), Solar Water Heaters (100L to 5000L) and all type of Solar Systems for home, business, school and industry. "We provide end-to-end cost-effective solutions for all type of residential, commercial, institutional and large scale requirements," asserts Vinay.

The Differential Factors
The company is highly inclined towards leveraging innovative technologies to reinforce and improvise its fanatical solutions. It has been using the latest technologies like AI (Artificial Intelligence), ML (Machine Learning), and SaaS (Software as a service) to develop, build, and operate solar sites through superior insights. These technologies don't just help Customers to estimate the rooftop solar potential of buildings & sites in terms of Savings in the next 25 years, ROI of the system, all the financials, CO2 emission mitigated, Coal burn avoided, No. of trees planted, Fuel consumption avoided or equivalent KM driven, but also aids in reducing the costs, enhance work-force productivity and improve solar site performance.

It also, shows customer 3D view of the solar plant along with Shadow Analysis. So that the customer is fully aware of how the rooftop will look like after the installation. Indeed, this is one of the fortes of Helios Automations that differentiates it from its competitor. Another is its highly energetic & professional workforce. The Helios Automations team comprises well-experienced professionals who utilize their industry know-how to make the entire process seamless and competent. The team takes full responsibility to ensure each of the arrays managed under Helios service agreements are fully functional and operating at the highest possible level of production and efficiency.

Availing consistency in its services, the company has successfully handled the requirements of more than 60 clients and delivered 60+ projects to date. "This is just a beginning for us. We're all set to outperform in the industry and become the leading Solar EPC solution provider in India. The biggest challenge in the Solar Industry is funding and we are working with some of the financial institutions to work out few options which will be Game Changing in the near future..." concludes Vinay.