Hawking UAV: Renovating India's Commercial Drone Market with Contemporary Technologies

Owing to the rising awareness, technological advancement, and growing adoption across several verticals such as mining, filming & photography, and agriculture in the country, the commercial drone market of India is envisaging substantial growth since the past few years.

Fuelled by the COVID-19 pandemic which enhanced the importance of drone technology in many folds, India is gearing up to invest in this innovative trend through its `Make in India' initiative. Standing distinguished among the prominent players of the industry, Hawking UAV is specialized in aerial inspection using novel drone technology to help assess tall or otherwise inaccessible assets and infrastructure, often circumventing the need for isolation or shutdowns.

One of the verticals from Hawking Industries, Chennai, Hawking UAV is a drone-based technology company offering services in India on various Industries such as Survey & Mapping, Agricultural Spraying, Thermal Inspection, Mining, Utility Mapping, Wildlife & Forest Management, and Aerial Inspection for oil & pipeline Industries & Data Processing Analysis, LiDAR Data Processing and anti-drone system.

Hawking UAV has created a notice in the service-oriented sector of the Drone Market in India with a team of efficient Pilots and hand full experience on handling various projects. "All of our pilots are DGCA approved and have the necessary certifications which are our USP. Using only DGCA approved drones for our services, we have been associated with Australian UAV company names SILVERTONE UAV for long-range and high endurance surveillance drones in the Navy and Border security.

With a strong in-house design team for Product Designing and Analysis using advanced software for Stockpile Assessment, Volumetric Analysis, and Topography survey. We are experienced in Fixed-Wing Mapping and are also well versed in GIS Application and Aquatic Remote Sensing, which is headed by experienced professional with over 14 years of Operations
in Government projects," states Dhinesh Thangavelu, Director, Hawking UAV.

With a vision to leave a mark in the space industry and defence sector of India, Hawking UAV is continuously pushing the boundaries of technology and make use of useful tools, and I am all about useful tools. One of my mottos is 'the right tool for the right job.'

"We are working on unique products for the Defence sector like Landmines scanning & blasting using Drones and underwater vehicle for scanning & Inspection. We are working on some low-cost materials using sheet metal composition for the structures too. We have sprayed a Bio-disinfectant for the COVID-19 in and around Chennai with a team of 15 pilots, associated with Greater Chennai Corporation. We have our own Agricultural UAV for pesticides spraying and multispectral Camera for crop health monitoring," quotes Dhinesh Thangavelu.

Dhinesh Thangavelu,Director

Equipped with a different state of the art Technology such as RGB Camera with High Resolution for Survey and Mapping, Infra-red (Radiometric Payloads) for Utility Inspection like Solar Panels, Transmission Lines and Windmill inspections, GPS and LiDAR (Consumer, Commercial and Military), Hawking UAV hosts premium GCS (Ground Control Station), where the drones are controlled from Ground.

Catering across the service-based industry, Hawking UAV has already stepped into the manufacturing side for Industrial grade drones and is currently processing it for Government regulatory bodies' approval. "We will have our own flight controllers and Payloads for the BV-LOS Drones. Also, the training programs on VR (Virtual Reality) Technology for handling various UAV Operations will be implemented shortly We are developing a platform for the industries to acquire our services on a subscription base model, which has been initially implemented across the Agriculture industry for Spraying Pesticides.

We have recently ventured into a few coffee estate plants for a trial version. We believe our drones will be useful for farmers where they can use our services and pay their monthly instalments in the nearby Co-operative Banks in our accounts," concludes Dhinesh Thangavelu.