H. V. Engineers & Designers: Assists in Portable Building own Comfort SpaceRange

Nevil H. Santoki,Product Head - Development

Nevil H. Santoki

Product Head - Development

The concept of portable buildings has emerged as an adaptable solution for various commercial and residential spaces. It, being less time consuming and available in different shapes and sizes, has become more popular than the traditional spaces. H. V. Engineers & Designers is one of the leading manufacturers in the field of Pre-Fabricated Portable Building which is famed for its quality and innovations for the same. With its in-house team of designers and engineers, the company has installed units with versatile applications and designs for specific purposes. H. V. Engineers & Designers, based out of Ahmadabad, avails customers with Portable Buildings that can withstand all the weather conditions without a hitch.

Today's dynamic business environments require versatile spaces that align with their purpose. H. V. Engineers & Designers offers building equipment that is ready to be installed at any location that bars additional components such as glass, furniture and other fixtures. Under the brand name SPACE-X, the company manufactures excellent utilities with portability in the market. By building structures from scratch, H. V. Engineers & Designers gives shape and design based on client briefing, weather conditions and application-specific demands from customers. While most manufacturers follow the standard industry norms of using old shipping containers for
building prefabricated structures, H. V. Engineers & Designers performs manufacturing of buildings at its production unit, making it flexible in determining the size and shape within the best possible space available.

"Our USP is 100 percent Portability with all possible utilities, our developments in rendering unique products for security cabins to fully-fledged office complexes, kitchens, dining, dormitories, toilet blocks, laundry rooms, laboratories, medical consulting room, training rooms, for all users who have received vast acceptance. We specialize in using a wide variety of materials in the manufacturing process, ensuring a unique design element and materials" explains Nevil H. Santoki, Product Head ­Development, H. V. Engineers & Designers.

A Decisive Approach
In the initial phase involving the manufacturing of buildings, the company commences with a design where the strength and sustainability aspects are given prominence. Secondly, in the material procurement and selection process, the company has a zero-tolerance policy towards the quality of the material. H. V. Engineers & Designers engages in the site visit and briefing to the client before the installation of the building if necessary.

Since the foremost element is the viability of the product in its application, the company listens to the specific requirements and then designs as per the parameters required by the client. By providing warranty against any manufacturing defect, H. V. Engineers & Designers has always been committed to solving issues steadfastly. The company is adept at finding solutions for customers looking for portable building time after time. It eventually saves a considerable cost and eases the movement of building on the same premises or another location.

H. V. Engineers & Designers' proficient team of engineers, supervisors and workmen are dedicated to furnishing the best product in the affordable range. With time, the company has grown from a handful of a skilled and dedicated team to a strong one, each playing a crucial role in realizing the building from mere design on paper to an actual one. Nevil, Product Head ­ Development, says that the company has been upgrading its skill sets by enrolling the workforce in different programs. H. V. Engineers & Designers carry out workshops on stress management, communication and yoga to keep its employees productive.

"Confidence of customers and responsibility of our team has made us an eminent player in the pre-fabricated portable buildings realm. We as a team believe that `Sky is the Limit', and it has always inspired us in portable building structures which match world standards," concludes Nevil H. Santoki.