Gujarat Wedge Wire Screens: Well Known for its Excellence in Customer Service and its Leadership in Technology

Madhuram S Rathi, Director,Rajiv K Singhee, Managing Director

Rajiv K Singhee

Managing Director

Indian urban communities are in critical need of more water, and rainwater harvesting can fundamentally contribute to-wards meeting this basic necessity. It is expected that the Government support will boost the growth of the market significantly during the forecast period, which in turn will drive the competition in the rainwater harvesting market in India.

Established in 1987, Gujarat Wedge Wire Screens Limited (GW-WSL) is a Public Limited Company, with technological assistance by N Greenings Ltd. (UK) for supplies of equipment and technology. Gujarat Wedge Wire Screens is one of the leading manufacturers for industrial wedge screen, wedge baskets, filtration wedge screen and V Wire pipes. The manufacturing unit is located in the industrial park of Halol near Vadodara, Gujarat. Equipped with latest machines and most recent innovation for the production of high accuracy circled and welded type Wedge Wire Screens in different shapes and sizes, the company likewise produce V Wire Screen Lines for different filtration utilizations.

Gujarat Wedge Wire Screens limited accredited India's passionate Rainwater harvesting filter Supplier Company. Madhuram S Rathi, Director, Gujarat Wedge Wire Screens, says, "At our firm we make the customers world water positive by simple, scientific and sensible technologies that filter
Rain Water! Our ability is offer site explicit effective, prudent and easy to understand answer for channel crores of litres of Rain Water each year at one time ostensible expense. Our Solutions are designed for Industries, Institutions, Townships, Bungalows, Flats or large open areas. We will help you to filter rainwater for your daily needs and further recharge groundwater beneath. Gujarat wedge wire screens are empanelled with many National, Multinational companies, leading architects and plumbing consultants."

The firm manufactures a variety of custom baskets, screens and filtration elements for leading manufacturers. The flagship product of Gujarat Wedge Wire Screens has been Wedge Wire Screen internals and components to all major industries and equipment manufacturers for well over two decades. During these years the steady growth and success have been directly related to the company's efforts in continually engineering innovative and cost-effective solutions for the industries looking for wedge wire solution. Wedge wire screens are manufactured by resistance welding V-shaped wire on support rods. Gujarat Wedge Wire Screens' wedge wire screen begins with the highest quality raw wire then is made into a screen that is cut, shaped, fabricated and cleaned.

Serving customers worldwide, Gujarat Wedge Wire Screens limited focus is on providing highly specialized filter elements and reactor internals to key players in various industries

Gujarat wedge wire screens limited is a dynamic company, well known for its excellence in customer service and its leadership in technology. Serving customers worldwide, Gujarat wedge wire screens limited focus is on providing highly specialized filter elements and reactor internals to key players in various industries. The company invests in delivering quality products and services are certified by ISO 9001. Through an adaptable organization of qualified operators and accomplices, the organization accomplished a main situation in the world-wide market. Most of their items are sent out to equipment manufacturers in Europe, the Americas and Asia. "We believe technological advancements can only lead to a healthy and happy life. The same traditional remedies can't address modern problems. We have to understand our problems in the modern context and address them with innovative products & solutions. We dedicate ourselves to the great cause of sustainable environment," concludes Rajiv K Singhee, Managing Director, Gujarat Wedge Wire Screens.