GSL Associates: Pioneering Aerial Data Capture in India's Evolving Landscape

Prashant Jain,   FounderIn the geospatial sector, LiDAR’s ability to capture detailed information about the environment helps with improved planning and decision-making, increased safety, and reduced costs. LiDAR technology made it simpler to inspect, find, and map items than traditional techniques. GSL Associates, headquartered in New Delhi, is one of the leading geospatial solutions providers in India with deep-rooted strategic partnerships with companies in Israel, Belgium, Australia, South Africa, the USA & Canada. GSL has been at the forefront of aerial data capture in India for nearly a decade. Over the years, GSL has witnessed the transformation of data capture practices in the country, overcoming challenges posed by restrictions and regulations. With the support of the Department of Science and Technology and collaborative efforts with GIS bodies, GSL has contributed to the development of a more open and progressive environment for aerial data capture.

Furthermore, GSL's inception story dates back to 1997 when it began as a logistics company in the eastern part of India. However, it was during a project in Dubai that GSL's founder, Prashant Jain, driven by a passion for technology, recognized the immense potential of aerial data capture. Prashant explains, “After extensive research and collaborations, GSL embarked on a joint venture, successfully securing projects in the high-speed rail sector. GSL's expertise lies in aerial LiDAR capture, encompassing services
such as photogrammetry, 3D mapping, utility inspection, and data processing. The company's flagship service is the capture of high resolution ortho imagery using advanced LiDAR technology.”

Empowering India's Growth through Advanced Aerial LiDAR Technology
Aerial LiDAR technology offers numerous advantages in terms of accuracy, efficiency, and time saving for the government and various industries. GSL's aerial data capture plays a pivotal role in diverse sectors, including infrastructure development, river mapping, and land management. By providing quantifiable data, GSL enables better utilization and management of assets, such as power lines, highways, and railways. This data-driven approach facilitates decision-making, asset maintenance, and compliance monitoring, leading to improved operational efficiencies and cost savings.

Alongside, GSL acknowledges the government's efforts in recognizing the importance of aerial LiDAR technology and streamlining regulations to foster its growth. The removal of archaic laws and the accelerated permission process for aerial surveys are noteworthy advancements. GSL commends the ongoing collaboration between service providers, end-users, and the government through conferences and forums. While challenges remain in a country as vast as India, GSL believes that continuous dialogue and balanced policymaking will lead to further progress in the aerial data capture sector.

Therefore, GSL envisions a promising future for aerial data capture in India, with immense potential for growth. The government's support and the increasing demand for accurate and real time data are driving factors for the industry's expansion. GSL anticipates a substantial increase in the scale and complexity of projects, with a projected market size of over a billion dollars in the next five years. The company remains committed to integrating cutting-edge technologies, expanding its service offerings, and leveraging its in-house expertise to meet the evolving needs of clients and contribute to India's development.

Hence, GSL's pioneering role in aerial data capture has shaped India's evolving landscape, marking a significant transition from a restrictive environment to an open and progressive one. With its integrated approach, advanced LiDAR technology, and a focus on delivering high-quality data, GSL is poised to play a crucial role in driving efficiency, asset management, and informed decision-making across various sectors. As India continues to embrace the potential of aerial data capture, GSL stands ready to contribute to the nation's growth story through its expertise, innovation, and commitment to excellence.