Grey Matter Legal: Transforming Legal Advisory in a Reliable & Efficient Way to Maximize Results

Ray Vikram Nath, Partner,   Prashant Kumar, Partner

Ray Vikram Nath, Partner

Prashant Kumar, Partner

In the last five to six years, the market in corporate legal advisory has been witnessing multiple changes. One of the biggest transformations has been that in-house lawyers have become quite hands-on leading to companies becoming very legally wise. This has led to a surge in expectations from law firms with the need for them to be very high up in legal expertise. Indian companies have come of age; they now have seen the potential of having inhouse legal experts that can cater to a multitude of needs in compliance and other legal affairs.

Unlike in the past, when the need for a legal team was often discarded, companies now do not shy away from hiring one. To meet these transformed expectations, Grey Matter Legal has stepped into the space “ to enhance quality of one and all; by providing bespoke solutions through collaborative synergies between strategic expertise and legal advisory resulting in an easy-to-access, agile and pragmatic approach.”

"The principle motto that we follow is not just be lawyers to our clients but also their trusted council who they can depend on without a hitch"

The Founding Story
Established in 2019, Ray Vikram Nath and Prashant Kumar formed Grey Matter Legal in an attempt to bridge the gap between the client and a partner firm by providing quality legal services that leave no stones unturned. The central idea behind forming this company was to provide clients with a unique blend of lawyers who are adept at creating meaningful connections with their clients.

This was achieved by understanding the exact pulse of client requirements so that they are able to give them accurate assistance that would enhance their businesses. According to Ray Vikram Nath,‘the principle motto that we follow is not just be lawyers to our clients but also their trusted council who they can depend on
without a hitch’. Ray Vikram Nath has been recognized as one of the Top 100 individual lawyers in the Above 10 Years’ Experience category in the Forbes List of lawyers 2021.

Offerings and Services in the Legal Space
Grey Matter Legal provides expertise in a number of fields from Corporate and Commercial, Indirect Taxation, Infrastructure & Project Finance, Intellectual Property Rights, Labour and Employment to Litigation & Dispute Resolution, Private Equity and Succession Planning. Recently, Grey Matter Legal acted as a legal advisory team for a Japanese company which was setting up a base in India.

Grey matter legal provides expertise in a number of fields - from corporate and commercial, indirect taxation, infrastructure & project finance, intellectual property rights, labour and employment to litigation & dispute resolution, private equity and succession planning

From setting up contracts with local partners for clients, and running checks on their business set-up in Mumbai to on-ground reporting, Grey Matter Legal ensured that throughout the process, it maintained the necessary connection with the client which led to satisfactory outcomes. Also with some retail clients, the company has been providing excellent corporate advisory on a daily basis, and has been handling day-to-day functional issues with quick reverts that have been instrumental in helping clients make useful business decisions.

Prashant Kumar, Partner
Another recent feather to the cap for Grey Matter Legal has been an acquisition deal of an industrial zone, where it acted on behalf of the buyers in such a manner that the client did not even have to visit the site until the final day of signing. Everything from due diligence to site visits have been undertaken by them flawlessly.

Eyeing at a Bright Future
The path ahead will undoubtedly be a memorable one for Grey Matter Legal. Having a team of excellent lawyers and Partners, with a proven record of success, the company will be spearheading the many challenges that pose in the legal space. From compliance issues to litigation anomalies, it is set to set an example of ‘Legal expertise you can rely on’ in the truest meaning of the phrase.It will continue to advise clients in a manner that best fits their needs and demands, intelligently and seamlessly, like it has been doing all this time.

Description:Grey Matter Legal provides reliable legal advice to clients that harnesses their reputation with respect and results
Location:Delhi/Bangalore, India