Gravity Facility Management Solutions: Enhancing Facility Efficiency & Streamlining Facility Operations

Gulam Sarwar, MD,  Partha Mohanty, Vice President

Gulam Sarwar, MD

Partha Mohanty, Vice President

There has been a growing focus on efficiency, sustainability and technology integration in the facility management industry. Some of the latest trend features installation of Internet of Things (IoT) devices for real-time monitoring, adoption of green initiatives to minimize their environmental footprint and transition to data-driven decision making aimed at optimizing facility operation. In addition, there is an increasing desire for unified solutions aimed at simplifying processes and enhancing overall facility performance, thereby underlining a vibrant, dynamic landscape within facility management.

However, customers face multiple problems, such as increased operating costs, compliance with legal regulations, maintaining aged infra-structure and adapting to fast-changing technological advancements along with eco-friendly conditions at the workplace. Gravity Facility Management Solutions was established in 2014 and provides custom-made facility management services across different areas. Herein, by emphasizing effectiveness, safety as well as sustainability; this entity therefore works at bringing about operational optimization while promoting customer experiences through ground-breaking approaches together with its proficiency in this field.

Gravity FMS embarked on its journey, aiming to support client organizations in their growth journey by providing tailored manpower solutions. Despite facing critical challenges such as a scarcity of skilled manpower, inadequate wages and benefits for workers, and client-related operational opacity, Gravity FMS persevered through dogged determination and relentless hard work. The company's core values, centered around 'Value for Money’ for both clients and employees, have been instrumental in navigating through challenges.

With a vision to synchronously contribute to client organizations' core businesses and
become an integral part of the progress, Gravity FMS has strived to implement ethical values and embrace modern technology to achieve its mission of delivering exceptional service. “Although the company doesn't prioritize market positioning strategies, its gradual and healthy growth stands as a testament to its dedication and commitment to execution excellence”, says Partha Mohanty, Vice President.

Partha Mohanty, Vice President

Innovating Integrated Facility Management

Gravity FMS is a specialist in Integrated Facility Management Services offering technical, housekeeping, security, landscaping, horticulture and administrative functions. The company ensures that its services are tailored to meet the individual requirements of customers and provides dedicated staff in the form of engineers, machine operators and computer operators for different sectors like government bodies, industrial organizations and private institutions.

To ensure quality and effectiveness, the company employs a meticulous recruitment process to onboard qualified and experienced personnel. Continuous monitoring and performance reviews are conducted to maintain service standards, while a commitment to constant improvement ensures that client requirements are met and exceeded. Compliance with statutory, legal, regulatory, and environmental standards is diligently maintained through the expertise of its HR/IR professionals, who stay updated with evolving policies and regulations.

Gravity FMS, while acknowledging the ever-evolving nature of competition, stays ahead by maintaining a deep understanding of client organizations and their work cultures, adapting to diverse environments, and implementing best practices. Leveraging modern technology and industrial best practices, the firm prioritizes efficiency and safety in its services, ensuring maximum output at minimum expenses. Moreover, the company adopts a people-oriented management approach, focusing on client requirements to deliver effective solutions for complete facility management services. Continuous feedback mechanisms and formal assessment processes are ingrained in the company's work culture, facilitating constant interaction with clients and driving a culture of improvement and excellence. The firm was honored with the prestigious GeM Award by the Ministry of Commerce & Industry, recognizing excellence as the Best Performer in the Start-Up category.

Gravity FMS aims to enhance its brand recognition among top industrial and private sector clients. The company's future agenda revolves around providing comprehensive and modern facility management services tailored to meet the evolving needs of customers, which includes implementing advanced technologies and innovative solutions.