GoHive: Beaconing the Millennial to Work Together & Grow Together

Mishu Ahluwalia,Founder“If we work together, we win together,” this catchphrase is more or less the magic spell behind the concept of co-working spaces which is the new vogue among entrepreneurs and corporate alike. And why not,when it offers you the best of all worlds - affordable offices spaces, immense networking opportunities, increased productivity, equipped offices, and so much more. As a perfect icing on the cake with a first-ever women-friendly workspace concept, Delhi-based workspace provider GoHive is embarking a new height in the co-working space. Debuted in 2017 by Mishu Ahluwalia(Founder), GoHive is a maiden platform to provide co-working, co-living, and business center spaces under one umbrella. Believing in bringing values to the customers, the company renders happy & inspiring workplace solutions based on their needs and requirements.

Women-Friendly Workspaces
Gender equality in the workspace may be a trending hashtag on social media and various other platforms, but there are only a handful of organizations that deploy it in reality. Concocting a women-friendly aura in every aspect,
with a fully functional creche area, a breastfeeding room equipped with a baby changing station, a library, a massage room along with all other recreational amenities (sports room, play-station, and so on), GoHive’s Delhi Center simply stands out from the herd. “Most of the new moms may be willing to join back sooner provided they are proffered with a comfort which allows them to balance their work and personal needs,” opines Mishu.

Nestled in a habitable area, GoHive is headstrong in guaranteeing complete safety of its clients with 24x7 CCTV surveillance and shuttle services from metro stations for all female co-workers

A rich experience in Commercial Real Estate helps GoHive in identifying and negotiating the right property, which in turn ensures quality workspaces, world-class amenities, good connectivity (via public transport), modern interiors, and adequate infrastructure, all at the right prices. Further, the company happily addresses the requests for customized work zones (for larger teams of 10 and above) by developing half of the workspace leaving behind the other half to be customized according to the needs of the prospective customers. Nestled in a habitable area, GoHive is headstrong in guaranteeing complete safety of its clients with 24x7 CCTV surveillance and shuttle services from metro
stations for all female co-workers.

These extraordinary efforts have helped companies like Auto Ninja, Sheroes, Dare2compete, Synapse Resources and many more, cut down their workspace cost by more than 50 percent. A dynamic organization, GoHive constantly innovates its workspaces using ‘Know Your Customer’ strategy, thereby interacting with customers on a regular basis to comprehend their needs and accordingly upgrade its services. Mishu enlightens, “We take pride in helping organizations save costs, whilst offering inspiring workplaces suiting to the best of customers’ needs”. Further, it indulges in talks with various technology platforms (Virtual Assistance, IVR, Web Services, and so forth) and organizations that promote women entrepreneurship in India.

Together Towards Excellence
Following Jack Ma's words, 'Great employees are not hired, they are trained', GoHive follows an open work-culture which promotes and appreciates the involvement of all its employees, and shares updates across verticals to keep each other abreast of the changing trends. It also adheres to Minimum Wage Compliance and intends to be POSH (Prevention of Sexual Harassment) compliant soon. Starting with a modest 25 seats, GoHive today stands with another 320 seats across two locations and plans to have 1000+ seats across four locations by the end of 2018 and 10000 seats across nine locations in India by the end of 2020.