GMN Healthcare: Meeting Every Individual's Nutritional Needs

Megha Swetha Mohanbabu,CEOThe vitamin and supplement industry is expected to grow over the next few years, following increasing interest globally in healthier life-styles. The Covid-19 pandemic has proved a double-edged sword for the sector, undercutting revenues while also boosting interest in health-related products, remarkably immune system support. To build wellness through balanced nutrition, GMN Healthcare's Pro360 range of products provides protein and nutrition supplement to all kinds of needs which includes general health, pediatric care, pregnancy and lactation, diabetic care, derma care, sexual wellness, renal care, liver care, weight management, ortho care and many more.

“We are end to end integrated exclusive nutraceutical organization. Our opportunities are wide for covering all the nutraceutical needs in one organization. Pro360 nutritional supplements show innovation from the packaging to the product content. Every product under the Pro360 range shows innovation in its unique ingredients, flavors and formulations that are introduced for first time in India”, explained Megha Swetha Mohanbabu, CEO, GMN Healthcare.

Widest Range of Products to Avoid Protein Malnutrition
GMN Healthcare's Pro360 always cares for people's well-being by providing micro and
macro nutrition, which avoids malnutrition. The product creates awareness in people regarding the nutritional needs of every individual irrespective of any age group. That's why the company also has an amazing product, Pro360 kids, a scientifically formulated health drink for kids. It contains an adequate quantity of triple protein, DHA, bovine colostrum, prebiotics, probiotics, calcium, and vitamin D. These elements provide the optimum nutrition to develop bone strength, increases appetite, improves memory, boosts immunity, and helps to enhance over-all growth and development of children.

And to ensure the quality of the product, the company has tied up with top research-based raw material sup-pliers across the world to bring out the exception in their products. “It is our constant endeavor to provide customers with the latest products with exceptional taste/flavor. All Pro360 range of products stands as a mark of innovation competing over various multinational brands. The constant research and development of Pro360 products will bring in so many new and traditional ingredients and their benefits to light”, added Megha.

Furthermore, Pro360 has unique ingredients that give health benefits with no side effects even during long-term consumption. Thus, Pro360 is well appreciated in the local market, and around 5000 doctors are prescribing it. The products are available in major hospitals like SIMS, Apollo, VS Hospitals Advanced Cancer Care, Dr. Rai Memorial Medical Center, Prashanth Hospitals, Bloom Fertility, Indigo, Jeevan Fertility, CFC, and KHM.

The products are also available in the online market and e-pharmacies like Flipkart, Amazon, Netmeds, 1mg, Pharmeasy, Medplus, Pradhan Mantri Jan Aushadi Stores, etc. Not only this, GMN Healthcare creates employment opportunities for both skilled and un-skilled locals, especially women. The production unit involves unskilled women labors providing a livelihood for their families.

With 100 percent satisfaction and positive feedback from the consumers on both quality and taste, GMN Healthcare is to provide a better product to fulfil the nutritional needs. Like-wise, one of the customers who have been with diabetes for more than 30 years suffering from extreme tiredness and weight loss used their product. After consuming Pro360 Diabetic, he was very active throughout the day to carry out simple tasks and maintaining a stable weight. The company aims to expand pan India in the next few years and achieve USD 10 million in the next five years. The plan is not only to take a fair share from the market but also to be the nutritional partner of every single person living in India in the next few years.