GetSetVideo: Get... Set... Succeed!

Deven Oza,Founder and Creative Head

Deven Oza

Founder and Creative Head

Marketing plays a vital role in the success of a brand or an idea. And most of this marketing is done through advertisements i.e. videos. A video is a powerful medium that has the potential to completely transform the way consumers look at a product or service; even creating perceptions and loyalty. GetSetVideo is the video production wing of Studio KarmicAge, a video production company based at Vadodara ­ The Cultural Capital of Gujarat.

It specializes in corporate videos, advertisements, explainer videos, and everything in-between. Also, it caters to a variety of industries like manufacturing, IT industry, Ed-Tech and Fin-Tech industry, Pharmaceuticals, NGOs etc. GetSetVideo has a client base that ranges from Start-ups, MSMEs to Fortune 500 companies. GetSetVideo is fortunate to gain the trust of prestigious brands like Panasonic, Amul, Polycab, Nestle, L&T and more since its inception in 2015. Careful planning and a focusing on a few projects at a time is GetSetVideo's quality mantra.

GetSetVideo's team has a professional and innovative approach towards any new video content creation. The founder and creative head, Deven Oza, who has nearly two decades of experience in the industry
believes that concrete customer loyalty to the brand is achieved only through a strong and genuine deep-rooted emotional connection with consumers; which itself is a powerful marketing strategy and substantial financial gain for any business. This is also observed in a recent study that reveals that the ads with an above-average emotional response from consumers cause a 23 percent in-crease in sales.

3S Blueprint Model
GetSetVideo is the first video production company in India to have an innovative approach called 3S Blueprint Model. Under this offer, The 3S ­ Script, Stylesheet, and Storyboard are custom designed and presented to the client without any charges. So, they can be absolutely clear in their mind before they decide to proceed ahead with the video. At GetSet-Video, if the client is not satisfied with the video quality, the video can be returned and the client gets its money back like any other physical commodity. This risk-free approach has given GetSetVideo a complete client-satisfaction rate.

The Team
GetSetVideo's core team includes writers, visualizers, digital-designers, motion artists, and digital marketing experts. The company has a long term collaborative relationship with talented freelancers and animation studios in India as well as overseas. The team displays both technical and creative, analytical and thoughtful approach at the same time. GetSetVideo follows an open work culture where every team member is an equal contributor and owner of the project. This motivates the teams to go beyond their pre-defined job description and create wonders.

Comprehensive Video Solutions by GetSetVideo
GetSetVideo's techno-savvy team can seamlessly work in various videography styles and treatments like 2D or 3D animations, live-action shoot, stop-motion, VFX, and other various experimental animations to convey the video's message efficiently and beautifully. The content, tone of the message, and visual language of the branding decide the style of the video.

The viewers' engagement depends on the simplicity of the conveyed message and the richness of the content. GetSetVideo breaks down the complex ideas into simple bits and organizes them in a simple structure by weaving them into an engaging story; and wraps it up with beautiful visuals and music. This transforms the message into an understandable interesting video. GetSetVideo keeps it simple because simple is beautiful!