Get My Tour: Redefining MICE Tourism with an Innovative Approach

Nithinraj T,  Managing Director

Nithinraj T

Managing Director

In India, state and central governments are promoting MICE tourism through various programs, recognizing its economic benefits. As a result, infrastructure development is accelerating, and tourism corporations are offering incentives to attract visitors. In response, Get My Tour has developed a dedicated team of MICE professionals who work closely with clients from start to finish, delivering customized programs tailored to specific objectives. The agency ensures flawless service, creating a memorable experience that leverages technological advancements to provide exceptional service.

"Emerging trends in the MICE industry are increasingly focused on sustain ability. This includes local food, supporting local villages, implementing recycling and composting programs, encouraging local transportation, and selecting venues with green certifications. Additionally, the industry is incorporating technological advancements by embracing hybrid and virtual events. Health and safety have become major concerns, especially after the pandemic. There is now a heightened focus on ensuring high standards of health and safety when choosing destinations for MICE events", shares Nithinraj T, Managing Director.

Ensures Hassle-Free Travel

Get My Tour specializes in personalized experiences for the MICE industry on international and domestic tours. The agency tailors each trip to the unique interests of its clients, ensuring hassle-free travel and expert guidance. From planning to completion, the agency provides continuous support and
frequent interaction to ensure satisfaction. The agency approaches every event with the enthusiasm of a first-time endeavour, prioritizing meticulous planning and execution to deliver exceptional travel experiences.

Get My Tour leverages innovative technologies and interactive elements to enhance event experiences. It uses online technologies to conduct events and provide live coverage for remote attendees via Youtube or its website. The agency's USP is exceptional customer care and continuous support throughout the trip, actively solving any problems. The agency prides itself on being present with the customer at every step, ensuring a seamless and satisfying experience.

Get My Tour prides itself on being present with the customer at every step, ensuring a seamless & satisfying experience

"We have faced several challenges, primarily price sensitivity among Indian clients. Offering competitive and flexible packages is crucial, but the lack of standardized pricing complicates this. Additionally, there's a shortage of skilled staff to manage events, unlike in other countries. Marketing and branding MICE services is another challenge, as many clients are unfamiliar with their benefits. Despite these challenges, the agency remains committed to delivering exceptional customer care and tailored experiences", says Nithin.

Furthermore, the agency's client engagement cycle begins with an inquiry, followed by a tele-calling process to gain a preliminary understanding of the client's requirements. The operations team receives this information and arranges a meeting, in person or online, to thoroughly discuss the issues and propose solutions, ensuring that all commitments are realistic and achievable. Upon reaching a mutual agreement, the agency signs a contract, execute the event, and provide the customer with continuous updates. The engagement concludes with a feedback session, ensuring customer support throughout the process.

"Notable successes include organizing a presidential meeting for the Rotary Club of Vellore in Thailand and a company launch event for Games Right, a Dubai-based organization, also in Thailand. Both clients have returned for future events, demonstrating their satisfaction and trust in services", states Nithinraj.

Lastly, since its inception in 2019, Get My Tour has grown significantly in revenue, client acquisition, and geographical reach. Initially focused on India, Thailand, and Dubai, the agency now operates in the Asia Pacific, the Middle East, the US, Canada, and Western Europe. With a 30–40 percent annual growth rate, the agency is expanding from its Bangalore base to new offices in Chennai and a DMC in Kerala.