Geosys Enterprise Solutions: A Customer Centric Enterprise Delivering Value Driven Products and Services with Optimized Turnaround Time

Janaki Gattu,General Manager

Janaki Gattu

General Manager

Drones have the ability, in today's world, to accelerate the economy of a nation to new heights and as the world leaders are working on how to revive the post-COVID-19 economy, drones are a great opportunity here. Given that airspace management regulations are becoming more relaxed and rounded, India will be set to soar into a new form of growth and open new markets using these UAVs, given adequate investment avenues.

Geosys Enterprise Solutions Private Limited was founded in 2009 with an aim of being a globally recognized enterprise solution provider that cuts through all areas where solutions are needed by any enterprise. The mission statement is: `To be a customer-centric Enterprise Solution provider, delivering value-driven products and services with optimized turnaround time by linking technologies and people through mutual trust'.

Janaki Gattu, General Manager, Geosys Enterprise Solutions says, "Geosys has been positioned as an end-to-end enterprise solution provider since its inception, aiming to uphold high-quality standards in our infrastructure, operations, projects, security, and delivery systems. We provide a range of services to various industry segments such as mining, agricultural transportation, buildings and large buildings, water supply, environmental management with domain expertise in Geomatics, Climate, and Software Engineering."
They use information technology at Geosys to enable themselves and their customers to make rational choices, as the procedures depend on availability of accurate and up-to-date, high-resolution remote sensing imagery for reconnaissance and analysis.

The Geosys's expertise lies in providing various drone services for various industrial applications, and based on the application, UAV's (drones) can be categorized into two main types, those which transfer data and those which transfer materials.

Geosys has the capability in collecting data remotely using satellite remote sensing and aerial sensors, as such, they are extending this existing capability with the use of drones to get better accuracy and turnaround time. Once the information is available, the company can make decisions and transfer materials at the desired location, time, and magnitude.

Geosys Enterprise Solutions Private Limited was founded with an aim of being a globally recognized enterprise solution provider that cuts through all areas where solutions are needed by any enterprise

Geosys has a team of UAV Pilots and Engineers, enabling them to maintain quick turnaround times, the processes are ISO certified for maintaining high-quality standards. The company utilizes high-speed network and rapidly scalable infrastructure which drives the software in processing and analyzing voluminous data.

Elucidating about the company's USP, Janaki Gattu adds, "Geosys is a process-driven organization, wherein the interface between people and their actions is managed using focused applications, using these we ensure that the work gets done with-in time as per the expected outcomes. We regularly improve our processes by identifying gaps and to match changing conditions. This approach improves the reliability of our processes, there-by improving the overall quality of our offerings."

The organization is focused on a few business transformation initiatives that have the ability to deliver a higher level of customer service, better staff engagement, better project management and data management when operationalized. In order to meet changing business needs, Geosys is also focused on developing their current infrastructure. The company has seen over 50 percent growth in revenue in the last fiscal year and is working on a road map to achieve higher growth in the next five years.