Geoconcept India: The Best SaaS Solution For Scheduling The Activities Of Your Field Force

Pascal Beauvillain,International Sales & Alliances Director

Pascal Beauvillain

International Sales & Alliances Director

Geoconcept India Private Limited a subsidiary of Nomadia Group Headquarters in Paris has its presence in more than 27countries in APAC, EMEA, North America, and LATAM with 1500 + customers and 1,65,000+ users. Geoconcept by Nomadia has been recognized for the fourth time in Gartner Magic Quadrant for field service management reports. Some of their Prestigious Clients are KFC, Domino’s Pizza, IIB, Walmart India, BCG India, Smart Power India, Mahindra Home Finance, ENGIE,and others.

Offerings Geoconcept India offers innovative solutions such as field service management, location analysis, last mile delivery, geo-marketing and online territory management solution. It's cutting edge GIS solutions with easy-to-use interface offers enhanced user experience and helps the company stay ahead of its competitors. Moreover, it offers its digital learning solution which is included within the tool to assist users to use the solution of tool with minimum training. In addition, the solutions are powered by advanced and strong optimization engines and manage difficult constraints with ease. The company is also a strategic partner to Microsoft and thus all solutions offered are based on Azure.

"GEOCONCEPT works on the challenges posed by this environmental transition and helps to put in place ace tomorrow’s, intelligent and responsible, mobility solution, by optimizing the teams’ movements"

The free shipping concept in India has pretty much impacted the economic model of the Indian logistics companies. Issues like too many deliveries in a day or locating the end customers are resulting in delayed deliveries. To address the growing issues faced by the logistic companies, Geoconcept India has come up with their groundbreaking Route Optimization solution that helps in 10 to 30 percent growth in overall productivity.

'The market in India with regards to Geographical optimizations SaaS solutions is untapped. We see a huge potential of growth
and scalability of our services in the country,' Pascal Beauvillain, International Sales and Alliances Director, added Geoconcept’s take on optimizing the teams on field service management.

A Keen Eye on Being Environment Friendly
At a time when environmental responsibility has become a necessity, it has a major impact on businesses. GEOCONCEPT works on the challenges posed by this environmental transition and helps to put in place ace tomorrow’s, intelligent and responsible, mobility solution, by optimizing the teams’ movements. Dedicated to the optimization of logistical, technical and commercial rounds and particularly adapted to the problems of urban logistics, the Opti Time range aims to optimize the delivery activities of the first and last kilometers by rationalizing rounds and pooling the flows associated with delivery to shops, to delivery by wholesalers, to home delivery, to relay points, and many more. From making appointments to optimizing travel in the field, the efficiency and productivity of teams are improved by 10 to 30 percent.

GEOCONCEPT is recognized by Gartner, in the Field Service Management Magic Quadrant, and in the Vehicle Routing and Scheduling Market Guide since 2016

Mobility decision-makers and operational staff benefit from a rapid return on investment, more deliveries, time savings in preparing rounds, optimized vehicle filling, automatic adaptation of the size of the fleet, reduction in kilometers traveled and associated costs, shorter delivery times, reduction of CO2 emissions. Real-time management of appointments with the automatic proposal of optimized slots, insertion of new deliveries at the last minute, update of schedules, and management of emergencies. Whether the planning of deliveries is carried out by a scheduler, a call center, or directly in line by the customer, Opti Time determines targeted, relevant, fast and cost-effective rounds.

For global management of the activity, the mobile extension, available for all the solutions, ensures an optimal reactivity of the teams in the field and the APIs make it possible to easily integrate the geographical optimization within the existing applications. 'We are striving to expand rapidly with our team which is continuously working towards upgrading our optimization software to keep ahead of the curve,’ Pascal concludes.

Pascal Beauvillain, Director
A result-oriented professional with an illustrious career in prestigious companies, Pascal Beauvillain, has three foreign degrees from ISC Paris, University of Bath and NEOMA Business School. He is also well experienced in Customer relationship within various areas : Bank, Insurance, CPG, Retail, Industry and Automotive.