Ganashri Advisers: End-to-End Business Advisory Platform

Chinmaya G Hegde,   Founder

Chinmaya G Hegde, Founder

In today’s tech-oriented world, managing financial activities through manual & traditional principles is outdated. The emergence of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning has ushered revolution in financial functioning, making it scalable & flexible in accounting management. India becoming a global hub for businesses is one of the providential areas which are inclined to leverage this power of precise accounting/bookkeeping services. Yet, in this crowd of business service providers and muddle of whom to approach for what, it is observed that many entrepreneurs find it difficult to choose a right service provider. To deal with such dilemma, Ganashri Advisers – a corporate business service provider, surges ahead with its technology-enabled cutting-edge business solutions focusing at on-time quality services for its clients.

Proper Support for Safe & Secured Account
What differentiates Ganashri is its core values; from maintaining integrity while achieving client’s business goals in a most functional way to contributing
continuously in innovative methods to improve quality, Ganashri enjoys whatever it does. “We provide cutting-edge tax and accounting advisories to our clients to achieve their business goals in sensible way,” avows Chinmaya G Hegde, Founder, Ganashri Advisers. The company’s primary aim is to empower its clients by creating pre-eminent tax and accounting experiences with providing best-in-class quality services on or before time. From offering wide range of services like accounting /bookkeeping, business registration for startups, GST, Income Tax, provident fund, payroll services and many more, Ganashri meets the distinct needs of its clients, hence erasing their mare’s nest.

"We provide cutting-edge tax and accounting advisories to our clients to achieve their business goals in sensible way"

Ganashri’s Accounting/Book-keeping services comprises of maintenance of books of accounts as per IGAAP with internal audit service and finalization of books of accounts. In its GST services, the company takes full responsibility to handle GST registration, GST return filing and GST compliance for its client. For startups, the organization helps entrepreneurs with LLP registration apart from establishing single person company, partnership firm, private limited company or societies. Registration services deal with import-export code, MSME registration, professional tax, provident fund, and others.

High Thoughts & Responsibilities
Ganashri strives to deliver absolute
customer satisfaction in an affordable spectrum by thoroughly analyzing client’s business finance and integrating them with advanced software. With the expansion in technology today, the threat of data & information loss has also expanded. Even leakage of a minor data can bring damage of a huge extent to a business. Leveraging technology in this area to obliterate the factor of data leakage and empowering data security,Ganashri is working on finalizing a cloud-based technology for data backup to safeguard its client’s data.

The organization also recognizes the need to contribute to the community and its efforts focus on impactful engagement along with monetary support to local causes, specific programs and NGOs. Ganashri Foundation, a CSR initiative of Ganashri Advisers, is private unregistered trust, not for profit and non-government organization, which came into existence on January 1, 2019.

Ganashri contributes five percent of its total billing to charities in the field of education, elderly home and cancer treatments. “Society is everything for us. Giving it back to society in all possible ways is our primary duty,” says Chinmaya. In addition to this, the organization also offers free PF consultation for individual clients and free consultation with respect to MSME registration across all clients. Established in June 2018 and being a growing startup, Ganashri is planning to expand its client’s base along with doubling its employee counts till the year end.