Freightco India: Forming an Intense Chemistry between Transport &Environment

Rajiv Gupta,Managing Director

Rajiv Gupta

Managing Director

Trucks and transportation are almost immediately perceived to have an antagonistic relationship with the environment. It is hard to believe that the two can coexist. However, Freightco considers the search for solutions to environmental problems as important as the realization of economic goals. With its go-green initiative, Freightco is one of the first in the country to use Bio-Diesel as an alternative fuel thereby enabling its vehicles to cut emissions by up to 50 percent. Furthermore, Freightco’s tie-up with Michelin for tyre rethreading doubles their useful life and keeps them on the road, away from landfills.

Delivering Beyond Boundaries
With a fleet strength of 280 vehicles, access to 500+ partner vehicles, and over 30 branches across India, Freightco is a one-stop logistics firm providing suitably fit solutions. Distinguished brands in the automotive, alcoholic beverages, and FMCG space(e.g. Ashok Leyland, AB InBev, Coca-Cola, Carlsberg, Emami Papers, Tata Motors, Tetra Pak) have availed and enjoyed hassle-free services because of Freightco employees who possess tremendous experience in dealing with complex orders and industry nuances.
Freightco is also a major facilitator of cross-border logistics over the BBIN network covering Bangladesh, Bhutan, and Nepal. Specifically, on the Indo-Bangladesh border where congestion drives up costs, Freightco smartly insulates its assignments from heavy rent-seeking with its own Logistics Park and provides effective land customs support(CHA services), hence reducing cost as well as transit time.

On the Indo-Bangladesh border where congestion drives up costs, Freightco smartly insulates its assignments from heavy rent-seeking with its own Logistics Park

In Safe Hands! Always!
At Freightco, journey safety is given utmost priority. The company has astringent hiring process in place onboarding only quality drivers who are then given rigorous trainings like defensive driving, fatigue management, and anti-skid/rollover. As an added safety measure, a proper journey management plan is worked out for each trip wherein driver fitness assessment, vehicle inspection, and timeline mapping is performed. Freightco also offers track and trace service with the help of geo-locating and geo-fencing, which enables its customers to monitor their consignments on real time.
The company gives all its customers direct access to its management. Constant communication at this level often evolves into winning logistics strategies. Setting up of a fully-functional office within days anywhere in the country to service a client’s need is an example of the personalized attention this mid-sized company offers.

A New Thinking
At a time when the country is running dry of drivers, Freightco enjoys the presence of many third-generation employees. Rajiv Gupta (Managing Director, Freightco) is on a novel mission to make the life of truck drivers better by setting up 100+ Highway Stoppes wherein they can rest, get hygienic diet, securely park their vehicles, and much more. “Truck drivers are the lifeline of the logistics industry and in turn also the lifeline of our economy. We ought to take more care of them” mentions Rajiv. Interestingly, Highway Stoppe falls in sync with Hon’ble Minister of Road Transport and Highways of India, Nitin Gadkari’s vision to offer wayside amenities along highways.

Between FY 2014 and 2017, Freightco enjoyed double-digit EBITDA margins and a CAGR in revenue of 20.1percent.The company has an optimistic business model and intends to further expand its network, especially into Bangladesh. Freightco credits its growth in logistics to a process-driven work culture. Now, complementing its processes with technology, Freightco is working on a web application that captures all storage and movement details for its customers, thus giving them the edge of carving better solutions using data.