Fox Domotics: Leading In-house Manufacturer of Smart, Energy-Efficient & WiFi-Biased Automation Systems

Sikander Manihar, DirectorThe world of home automation has witnessed a major transformation from the centralized systems to standalone systems, casting light on the latter’s benefits like reduced efforts and costs of CAT 6 cabling, negated chances of a device failure and easy installation by a normal electrician. While our country is facing huge energy crisis and majority of population landing up with alarming electricity bills due to their careless, and forgetful behavior, Mumbai-based Fox Domotics has sprung up as a leading brand involved in R&D and in-house manufacturer of sophisticated, energy-efficient, energy-saver, simple to use, reliable and smart automation products. “Unlike others, we pioneer in designing retrofit touch switches with an elegant glass finish that can operate on WiFi (inter-communication & control from any place) and moreover can be controlled via an IR remote or Android/iOS apps or capacitive touch panel,” elucidates Sikander Manihar, Director, Fox Domotics.

Bespoke Solutions
Due to its prime focus being inscribed on integration of automation solutions for ample
devices (from lights to projector lift, screens & shades) into a single system, Fox Domitics excels in offering flexible solutions that are tailored to client’s requirements, and are cent percent made in India. As smart homes involve a plethora of devices that need to be automated, the firm has designed a fleet of smart products where in touch light switches are used for lights, dimmers, fan and curtain & blind motors, while IR blasters are used for AC and music systems. Besides, it equips world-class hotel rooms with power saving facility, touch light switches and bedside & corridor panel with features like DND and Make My Room. The company also designs conference rooms that work based on a unique application that aids in real-time booking, scheduling and multi-room managing. Furthermore, the firm ensures that all of these automation systems are deployed on its proprietary cloud servers and operated via Android/iOS applications.

Fox Domotics also designs conference rooms that work based on a unique application that aids in real-time booking, scheduling and multi-room managing

Besides designing a treasure trove of smart products under the light control systems, curtain & blind motors, rolling shutter motors and automation motors that comes with 3-5 years warranty, Fox Domotics also sells them to many dealer networks
across major Indian cities who in fact provide seamless sales, installation, after-sales and customer support services to the customers. Wondering how the company does all of these? Prior to the regular training process, Fox Domotic's core team comprehends each emerging technologies, plans accordingly on what to develop, executes a detailed product research and later on trains the whole team of 25 comprising of hardware & software developers and hardware programmers on the same. Imbibing these recent advancements in technology and the nuances in IoT trends, the firm ensures that its products are C-certified and the process of management, production, testing and many others are carried out as per ISO standards.

Carving the Future
Spread across south, central and north of India, and spending heavily on R&D, Fox Domotics is currently focused on the trending budgetary home automation and large area automation to provide proper solutions to its clients. While integrating all its solutions with Amazon Alexa, the firm is also working on incorporating the LoRaWAN (Low Power WAN Protocol for Internet of Things) technology into its products for automation of complete workspace, entire building, garden spaces, acres of land or smart cities/smart campus, and planning to launch them by the end of this year. Moreover, taking into account the burgeoning demand for smart automation products in the Middle East and other countries, it is on the verge of starting exports in these areas.