Fortune TechnoComps: Deploying Best Industry Practices to meet Client's Ever-changing Needs

Keshav Arora,Managing Director

Keshav Arora

Managing Director

In the present Hi-Tech business world, electronic components form the nervous system of almost all the industries and are a subject of continual progression. This evolution is forcing a paradigm shift in the way electronic component distributors must do business, now and in the near future, if they want to achieve success. Not all distributors, but some have already adapted to this change by providing more than just a product. They have shifted from strictly providing distribution of components to building significant value-added customer relationship which in return creates loyalty and keeps the customer coming back. Standing out even among those select few, Fortune TechnoComps – India’s largest distributor of TDK/Epcos, functions as a part of the service industry and deploys best-in-class business practices including professionalism, responsibility, accountability and empathy to build the long-term relationship with customer, unlike most electronic component distributors who operate as wholesalers. In fact, the firm takes periodic feedback from the customers on continual basis so as to meet their ever-changing needs and expectations.
Fortune TechnoComps was started in 2000 to support customers by furnishing anything & everything in passive components counting ferrites, EMC filters, and others that offers surge protection. However the company’s prime focus is on Metal Oxide Varistors (MOV), as it is experiencing explosive growth due to LED boom. And it expects film capacitors to attain similar growth, once government of India mandates ISI mark for film caps to eliminating subpar components. Fortune TechnoComps has been serving clients across many industries worldwide in INR and USD from offices in India and Hong Kong and complies to all necessary regulatory mandates ensuring customer satisfaction, repeat business, higher pocket share and goodwill.

Fortune TechnoComps’s customers are averted from hassles allied to long lead times, uncompetitive pricing, lack of stock, distributor arbitrarily pushing out deliveries and frequent price changes

Overcoming the Barriers
Thanks to its obsession with pursuing industry best practices, Fortune TechnoComps’s customers are averted from hassles allied to long lead times, uncompetitive pricing, lack of stock, distributor arbitrarily pushing out deliveries (risking customer line stoppage) and frequent price changes (due
foreign exchange fluctuations). Its unique combination of ERP and principles not only give visibility & control of all sales orders and keep clients informed in real time about progress of their order enabling them to schedule their production planning accordingly, but also accommodate expedited production in case of any emergency. Furthermore, its highly technical and comprehensive process of 8D evaluation helps customers to take informed decision. “We offer our customers most competitive prices, lowest delivery lead times, professional handing of business transactions, wide range of products, support throughout the business cycles, access to technical and design in capabilities, timely delivery and samples & financial support,” remarks Keshav Arora, Managing Director, Fortune TechnoComps.

Yet another factor that keeps the company apart from the crowd is its futuristic team operating at a centrally located well-furnished office comprised of advanced & modern telecommunications and computing facilities. Apart from conducting periodic formal and informal training, the firm focuses on internal communication, stock control and logistics helping employees to meet their stringent service targets set internally. With a consistent growth of 20 percent (from last three years), Fortune TechnoComps visions to add more products in its basket to support LED boom, Make in India initiative, automotive sector and increased demand for renewable energy.