Flexitech Consultants: A Complete Management of Superior and Engineering

Narendra A. Nikam,Chairman & MD

Narendra A. Nikam

Chairman & MD

India is making a mark on the global level with numerous industries including engineering services that are growing at a rapid pace. Over a decade ago, an engineering services business turned to an outsourcing model, and results where two-fold, it not only improved business productivity but also reduced substantial operational cost. Evidently, it helped businesses to reach their customers in a short period and pro-vide them a competitive advantage over the globe.

Engineering design is a meticulous task, it has a multi-step process that involves preliminary evaluation of technical as well as financial aspects of the project followed by the establishment of design specification, choosing the right design soft-ware, then a plethora of design iterations for the desired product. Flexitech Consultants Private Limited (FCPL) is an outstanding engineering organization operating in this domain for 15+ years, providing services such as Piping Stress Analysis, Structural Analysis, and Pressure Vessel Analysis. Although it is headquartered in Maharashtra, FCPL has provided services on pan India and abroad for esteemed industries and organizations.

India's engineering and development industry is steadily increasing as the country moves deeper into global engineering space. Engineering services are turned into an outsourcing model that increases business productivity, increases the operation, results in cost advantages, and reduces time-to-market for the product.
Engineering design is a multi-step process that involves a preliminary evaluation, the establishment of design specifications, the design of software, and the study of various stages of design iteration for the product. Flexitech Consultants is an expert detailed engineering organization and has been offering services such as Structural Analysis, and Pressure Vessel Analysis. Head-quartered in Maharashtra, Flexitech is delivering services country-wide and abroad to esteemed industries and organizations.

Customer Satisfaction and Excellent Work Quality
FCPL believes in `Transparency' creates `Clarity' and clarity empowers `Decision' and a strong constructive decision fetches a `Profitable' deal to all the stakeholders. FLCP's complicated and essential tasks and a stress analysis solution are valued by many enterprises. Started the fruitful journey in 2004, FLCP is now a crucial arena in the era of detailed engineering. Narendra Nikam, Chairman and Managing Director, FCPL, says, "Management sup-port for clients' projects easily is our substantial area.

Core principals are enthralled on customer satisfaction, competitive rates, excellent work quality, strict adherence to project schedules, and confidentiality. We provide services to chemical and Oil & Gas refinery, Petrochemical, Pharma, Cold Storages projects, and others who manufacture, process, store, and distribute."

FCPL believes in `Transparency' creates `Clarity' and clarity empowers `Decision' and a strong constructive decision fetches a `Profitable' deal to all the stakeholders

Focuses on All Speciality Designs
With prime focus on the designing aspects of Critical Piping, Structure & Civil Engineering, Packages like Fired heaters, Boilers, Clean Rooms, Air Systems, Auxiliary Installations, Fluids, Dust Collection, Electricity, Access Control, Fire Fighting, Sizing of Chemical & Petrochemical, Pharmaceutical Process Technology Installations, Packaging, and Legalization, FCPL is growing strongly. It offers robust, static, and dynamic stress study in EPC, EPCM, construction management, audits and consultancy, executions, after-sales, training, and maintenance contracts.

Being a rising engineering firm, FLCP today holds highly qualified and trained engineering personnel who are in a strong position to offer them at competitive prices. Their loyalty to customers and delivery expectations within a given timeframe, and secrecy are the foundations. With regular creative innovations driven by a proactive, FLCP is becoming the go-to consultancy.