Flatworld Language Solutions: Equipping Professionals with Linguistic & Cultural Proficiency

SaumitraMahajan, FounderWorking abroad is a dream that not many get to live. But those who put their foot on a foreign land impromptu tend to bear the cultural and language shock of their lifetime. Preparing to accept this change then becomes another task altogether. Though there are several language service providers who make you proficient in non-Indian languages, there seems to be a dearth of trainers who can prepare you to absorb the cultural shock. With Flat world Language Solutions, the story is entirely different. The company not just makes you exclusive in foreign languages, but provides you with enough cushioning to absorb the alienation and familiarizes you with the etiquettes of that country. Renowned for its corporate training services in various languages, Flat world also teaches customized language courses attended by students from 8thstandard to graduation and even offers introductory language training for kids.

A Distinctive Identity
Founded after much deliberation by language professionals with vast and diverse industry experience, Flatworld is not an impulsive startup which came into being as part of the trend. Having been in operation since 2014,

Flatworld is adept in mustering client requirements and delivers the right service every time with an expertise well beyond that of startups

Flatworld is adept in mustering client requirements and delivers the right service every time with an expertise well beyond that of startups. Hence with an aim to localize global knowledge, the company offers translation, interpretation, content writing, and transcription services from English to foreign and Indian languages and vice versa through its team of 50 highly experienced international professionals, from different verticals,spread across the globe who offer professional language services. The ‘Flatworlders’ know that mere translation does not always serve a purpose,; hence they put immense research and optimization to use to learn the domain, culture and the end user before taking charge of any task. “Relevant research is more important than just the knowledge of a foreign language,” says SaumitraMahajan, Founder, Flatworld Language Solutions, while explaining the indispensability of research to foster the company’s ability to serve diverse markets.

As an impact-mode organization, Flatworld is constantly in the lookout for new and challenging tasks as well as diverse needs, as these enrich the company by adding to its mastery and versatility. For instance, though
content writing is an add-on service of Flatworld, it ensures that person working on it knows the pulse of the company, the product and the consumers for whom s/he is creating the content for. While displaying an immense capability to customize solutions and offering confidentiality in the form of SLAs and NDAs,responsibility and trust are the major factors behind customers’ confidence in Flatworld.

A Social Twist
Flatworld is cognizant of and is eager to adapt the technological breakthroughs happening around the globe. The company is also earnest about social responsibility, and has already initiated CSR undertakings under different categories. Flatworld plans to donate a portion of its annual profits to an NGO, starting from this year. They also conduct skill-based and knowledge-based workshops for students, purely as social initiatives which do not charge more than what their expenses stipulate.

Having tripled its revenues during the last fiscal year, the company has plans to add a few languages and to double its resource pool every year. Moving forward, the company intends to perfect itself as a responsible, professional and grateful organization. Being a trusted partner to its clients is more important to them and not just a third party enterprise. Saumitra presumes that Indian language services companies can render exemplary services if the fraternity were to believe in their potential. With the vision and mission statement in place, he has a target of turning Flatworld into a world-class entity.