FIT 3PL Warehousing: Bringing more than Two Decades of Industry Expertise in Rendering Turnkey Logistics Solution

Shivaprakash S, COO, Praveen Dwivedi, CEO,& Murali AThe logistics industry in India, considered to be the lifeline of the country, holds unprecedented importance as it connects various markets, suppliers, and customers dotted across the nation. Companies across sectors demand comprehensive logistics capabilities and complex solutions from Logistics service providers to help in the successful management of respective supply chain processes, bring down conventional logistics costs and handle more complicated tasks. Perfectly understanding the requirements, one of the leading logistics service providers that have been thriving in this competitive market scenario is FIT 3PL Warehousing. FIT 3PL Warehousing, incorporated in 1997 is a full-fledged 3PL company based out of Bengaluru with offices in Mumbai and Gurgaon. The firm is catering its services to customers across various sectors such as FMCD, FMCG, Office automation, engineering and more.

Over the years, FIT 3PL Ware housing has created a name for itself with its end-to-end logistics services such as warehousing, distribution, in plant logistics, fulfillment, first mile, long haul, express, last mile, packaging, and other value added services. Praveen Dwivedi, CEO at FIT 3PL adds “Supply Chain is dynamic and evolves, we understand this and provide tailored solutions to our customers to improve their supply chain efficiency and hence increase their profitability." FIT 3PL has 60 plus warehouses with modern infrastructural facilities, a total
space of more than 1.5 Mn Sq Ft strategically spread across 30cities in India to optimize the efficiency of the supply chain. The firm uses Warehouse Management System (WMS) which can be customized to meet customer requirements on SaaS basis.

FIT 3PL has rich experience in handling the transportation and distribution requirements of customers across various industrial verticals. The firm provides a gamut of Transportation services such as First Mile Pick up, Milk Run, Intra City, Full Truck Load, Full Truck Load, Express cargo, Last Mile Delivery, and 4PL services. When it comes to spare part management, the firm is well versed in the requirements and challenges of spare components of spare part logistics from its vast industry experience. It addresses all elements of service component fulfilment, including planning, inventory management, value added services, distribution, and reverse management. "We have a thorough understanding of the customer's supply chain and consumption patterns, which allows us to develop a solution that is specifically tailored to their needs," Murali A, National Sales Manager.

Over the years, the firm has grown indigenously and carved a niche with its end-to-end logistics services

Fit 3PL offers comprehensive services to customers by carrying out factory operations like storage & handling of raw materials and finished goods within the factory. To support this process, it deploys experienced professionals who understand the process and enable the smooth functioning of the tasks. Till date, FIT 3PL has supported customers across sectors such as Automobiles and Engineering with their in-plant service requirements. Having an upgraded pan India network and trained team, the firm is able to achieve the scalability required by the customers' business operation. "As a 3PL company, we keep re-inventing to stay ahead by providing the much needed to our customer. In addition to our core services of warehousing and distribution services, we offer additional services that add value to the customers' business based on their needs," signifies Shivaprakash S, Chief Operating Officer.

Since its inception, the firm has grown indigenously from 1 warehouse in South India to 60 plus warehouses in 30 cities. It has been growing at a steady rate of 20 CAGR in the past, excluding a year of Covid. FIT 3PL Warehousing is back on a growth trajectory and is looking at 25-30% growth in the next 3 years. "With our presence across India and industry sectors, all our building blocks are at the right place to fuel our growth," concludes Shivaprakash S, Chief Operating Officer.