FDB: Personalized, Hands On Training for the Busy Executives

Quite often, a training institute is a one-man show where owners are the trainers themselves, which often limits them to pick only a handful of projects. This also impacts their quality of delivery and research to provide the perfect fix to their clients’ dilemmas apart from restricting them to offer only one specialization technical or soft skills. But Singapore-based FDB is a horse of different color. FDB’s founder Wing Tan holds extensive experience in the corporate training industry owning to his personal contacts with numerous trainers across different industries and countries.

Leveraging this, he has created a team of over 400 corporate trainers who have extensive experience and knowledge in industries like Oil & Gas, Banking & Finance, Procurement, Logistics & Supply Chain, Information Technology, Human Resources, Leadership, Sales & Marketing, and Government. “This is the reason why we are able to offer both technical and soft skills across all industries,” says a proud Wing. FDB specializes in conference, training and consulting services to the busy executive in Asia and Middle East. It is also a recognized partner of American Certification Institute and International Purchasing & Supply Chain Management Institute.

Unique Approach
FDB follows a very unique way of addressing clients’ need. It has created a dedicated team of conference and training producers who study, research and source the best trainers from around the world on a daily basis. Hence, FDB’s team of producers are in touch with trainers to ascertain how they can add value to its clients. The firm believes in offering personalized and hands-on active training. Hence, even before the clients
Wing Tan,Founder

Wing Tan


attend the trainings, FDB asks them to send-in the issues they want the trainers to address. Based on these pointers, FDB trainers, each of who hold over 20 years of experience consulting the world’s largest MNCs and regional corporations, craft solutions based on actual case studies and not just from the sliders or text books.

They study these precourse questionnaires, which allow them to comprehend the challenges that the clients face. “Our trainers will make every effort to prepare and propose solutions to our clients during the trainings,” explains Wing. This makes the training even more personal and at the same time enriching, as each client gets to benchmark their own company’s standards with their peers attending the training.

FDB has created a dedicated team of conference and training producers who study, research and source the best trainers from around the world on a daily basis.

Further, FDB makes special efforts to constantly communicate with the clients’ Training and HR managers & directors to ensure that the trainers are in sync with their training needs analysis. “We also study clients’ issues and make value propositions to them to value add our services,” adds Wing. Such innovative steps indeed help to cement a strong relationship between FDB and the clients. FDB now aspires to be the largest corporate training consultancy firm in Asia and Middle East.