FcosAI: Ensuring Premium Quality Data and Image Annotation Services with Highest Accuracy

Subhajit Roy,Co-Founder

Subhajit Roy


Owing to its multifaceted and challenging feature, the image and data annotation tool market is growing sturdily across the globe with a CAGR of 30 percent at present. Enhancing the value of data by adding attribute tags to it, the deployment of data annotation tools plays a strategic role in augmenting the market growth by implementing human assistance coupled with machine learning capabilities which seamlessly convert unstructured & raw data into structured & highly useful Business Intelligence (BI).

Contributing significantly to the Indian market by providing the end-to-end service starting from data crawling to data annotation to empower customer's AI model, FcosAI has recently set foot within the industry with a vision to empower growth with real data. Established in January 2020 with a dedicated team of members from IITs, IIITB, Pondicherry University, and Techno India University, FcosAI is a nimble, fast-paced, and profitable start-up behind the leading team of annotators and AI technology.

Providing data and image annotation on a large scale, the various image annotation services offered by FcosAI include annotation for object detection, image segmentation, image recognition, OCR, saliency detection, image captioning and many more, along with all types of annotation for videos, audio and text data. "Along with data annotation, we also provide data crawling services. Sometimes few customers need to annotate publicly available data.
So, we crawl/scrape all the data from the internet on any scale to support and annotate that data. While most of the annotation companies just annotate the data, we help our customers to crawl publicly available data and provide annotation service not only at the lowest cost but with the highest accuracy.

Image and data annotation are complex and challenging tasks, especially when the data are unstructured and are on a large scale. While most of the clients have a huge lack of trained in-house data annotators and efficient data annotation tools, our in-house highly skilled data annotator and internal data annotation tools can fill the industry gap and satisfy customer requirements," states Subhajit Roy, Co-Founder, FcosAI.

With a dedicated in-house system that can crawl millions of data points across multiple platforms and highly trained expert annotators label data with maximum exactness, FcosAI's human-in loops platforms ensure a high quality of data annotation. "We build our in-house data annotation tools which help us to efficiently manage the annotation process and ensure the service accuracy. We are gradually adding AI models in the tools to accelerate the annotation process for images eg mentation annotation. Our tool can generate a set of candidate segmentation annotations using the AI model which helps our annotator to efficiently select the actual result which in-turn reduces the annotation time. Also, to ensure annotation accuracy we have a hierarchical or multi-layer of the verification process by the skilled annotator," shares Subhajit Roy.

Our-in-house highly skilled data annotator and internal data annotation tools can fill the industry gap and satisfy customer requirements

Working on a few R&D projects related to image and video analytics at present, FcosAI has recently completed the development cycle for facial recognition project which is to be launched soon. The facial recognition project will be introduced in the market as an IoT device that can be used at the entry point of a large building or office premises for access control using the face. With the ability to recognize a person even wearing a mask and has the feature not to grant access if a person not wearing a mask, the facial recognition system of FcosAIcan recognize a person with 99 percent accuracy.

With a dedicated team for AI along with image & data annotation, FcosAI is precise about its goals and is incentivized through compensation structure and recognition. "We have started early this year with a dedicated team of 3 members and currently, we have more than 100 members including both in-house and part-time employees. With a sturdy foundation, we can apply our personality and values to define our journey to accomplish our goals," concludes Subhajit Roy.