Ezbon Global Sourcing: Revolutionizing Electronic Component Distribution in India

  Ganesan Jayaraman,     CEOThe electronic component market in India has experienced significant growth in recent years, driven by the country's rapid technological advancements and expanding industrial sector. From automotive and consumer electronics to telecom and renewable energy, the demand for reliable and high-quality electronic components is increasing across industries. Chennai-based Ezbon Global Sourcing established as reputable source.

Ezbon distributes a wide range of electronic components across India,with a strong focus on automotive Electronics components and brushless DC (BLDC) motorrelated commercial products, company established as reliable supplier of ICs, Resistors, Capacitors, Inductors, Mosfet’s, Relays, IGBT’s, Connectors, Switches, Cables, DC motors and product PCBA’s etc. also provides various electro-mechanical components - PQ transformers, Remote controllers, Motors and Press metal components.

Starting with just three employees in April 2017, Ezbon now with team of 20+ engineers with exceptional knowledge. This team coupled with a widespread sales force across Indian cities - Chennai, Bangalore, Mysore, Pune, Coimbatore, Hyderabad, Pondicherryalso USA etc., enabled to serve diverse clientele like - Mahindra, Bajaj, Ola, TVS electronics and SKODA and as Tier 1 or 2 for Ather, Tata motors and Suzuki. “Ezbon played pivotal role in supporting these companies during the challenging times of
COVID-19 pandemic by ensuring steady supply of essential materials for electric vehicles (EVs)”, highlights Ganesan Jayaraman, CEO at Ezbon.

Ezbon's key strengths are - Extensive network of partnerships across Singapore, China, Hong Kong and USA. These partnerships not only ensure steady supply chain but also enable company to provide excellent support to manufacturers. Ezbon operates with third-party labs in Hong Kong and China, shortly planning to startin house test lab for quality and compliance. Ezbon has become a tier-1 supplier for all BLDC motor requirements and an indispensable partner for consumer product manufacturers. Ezbon’s clients also include Igarashi Motors, OLA Electric, Foxconn, Flex MINDA, HCL Tech., KAYNES TECHNOLOGIES and SGS-Tekniks and top Electronic manufacturing services (EMS) companies.

This financial year By manufacturing electronic components such as PQ transformers and BLDC fan remotes locally, Ezbon is reducing costs, boosting the Indian economy and mitigating the reliability on imports from China

What sets Ezbon apart from others, is by starting manufacturing electronic components like PQ transformers and BLDC fan remotes locally,Ezbon is reducing costs, boosting the Indian economy and mitigating the reliance on imports. “As the Indian government promotes Make in India amidst the current geo-political challenges and rising industrial demands, Ezbon consistently working on expanding manufacturing capacity” states Ganesan.

Ezbon plans to participate in the upcoming “ELECTRONICA-2023” to showcase its Electronic component capability and “PRODUCTRONICA 2023” SMT Machines and PCBA manufacturing process automation capabilities -held in Bengaluru September 13th to 15th 2023. “I believe complete process automation only can bridge the gap between China and India in terms of manpower costs and also position India as frontrunner in the electronics sector globally” remarks Ganesan.

To bolster its operational capabilities and better serve customers across India, Ezbon is planning to add new warehouse in Chennai with 20000 sq. Ft. its existing 8,000 sq.ft warehouse in Pondicherry. Ezbon’sexpansion into the ESD material business this year further demonstrates the company’s ambition and determination to achieve a revenue target of 500 crores from the current 120 Crores. “Besides expanding geographically and technologically, we plan to increasingly focus on local manufacturing and drive India’s growth” concludes Ganesan.