Express Roadways: Tailor-Made & Cost-Effective Solutions to Ensure Timely & Safe Delivery

Satish Gupta,Director

Satish Gupta


Back in late 90s, the transport industry was reeling under the deficient fleet services and limited infrastructure facilities that further engendered in bad planning and unsatisfied customers. Realizing the need of the hour, Satish Gupta(Director) established Express Roadways in 1993 as an efficient & accurate transport & logistics company to offer timely and safe delivery. The company steadily grew its services from road transportation to containerized solution, warehousing operations, 3PL contracts, custom based solutions, freight forwarding and fleet leasing. Today, Express Roadways adheres to HSSE, ISO, IBA as well as FSSAI to provide quality services that is unparalleled in the industry.

Being Market Independent
Owning more than 1500 containerized vehicles, and operating 50-50 share of company-owned and market hired fleet, Express Roadways has made its presence strong across 45 locations PAN India and serves both domestic and international companies across various industrial verticals (FMCG, Lubricants, Paper & Paper Products, Tyre, Chemicals & Cement) operating from multiple
locations. While the industry faces challenges of non-placement of vehicles and in-transit damage & shortage of goods, Express Roadways arranges the material properly to assure zero goods damage and mandates one-time bottle seals to avoid the shortage. This has helped the company to win awards from Castrol (five times), Best CFA award from ACC and the Safest Transporter Award from Asian paints. “We decided to have our own fleet so that we do not have to depend on market for fleet requirement and fulfill customers’ demands efficiently,” says Satish.

The core service of Express Roadways is Road Transportation wherein every month, more than 10000 trucks are engaged to meet the specific demands of the customers

The core service of Express Roadways is Road Transportation wherein every month, more than 10000 trucks are engaged to meet the specific demands of the customers. Keeping this in mind, the quality and tailor-made truck solutions ensures timely & safe delivery along with cost-effective services. These trucks are GPS fitted which not only find the location of the vehicles but also monitors RA/RD, and night driving.

To enable safe storage & maintenance of goods, a wide spread warehouse of five lakh sq.ft. is owned by Express
Roadways. The primary movement of the fleet reaches the warehouse where the goods are safely placed and then dispatched to deliver them to the customer. These warehouses spaces are organized by a dedicated team of professionals who plan, initiate and execute the project. Furthermore, its product locator ensures easy pick and move operations of goods along with all advance handling equipments and the most modern technology systems. The shared warehousing service offered by the company is an effective solution that makes customer pay only for the place utilized for their goods and reduces costs.

As a tech-savvy company, Express Roadways has implemented an in-house ERP developed as early as 1998, and has invested a major part in upgrading the IT infrastructure. Believing in 3M (men, material and machine), the company has designed its safety policies and follows strong checks and balances to monitor that the policy is strictly followed day in and day out. To further equip its human resources at par with the industry requirements, every Express Roadway’ers are encouraged to attend the 10 day training program every year by an external institute belonging to the logistics industry.

Relishing 27 percent growth in the previous year, the company aims to achieve 35 percent in the current fiscal year. Express Roadways is soon launching state-of-the-art cold chain storage and is determined to widen warehouse space to 12 lakh sq. ft. and own 3000 trucks by 2020. The company is also investing heavily to create world class facilities that are not available across the country.