Expedite Automation: Elevating the Indian Domestic Market With Customized Lifts and Elevators

Indian govt. is currently emphasizing on the domestic manufacturers under the campaign of `Make in India' which encourages companies to manufacture their products in India and incentivize with dedicated investments into manufacturing. The Indian companies are witnessing a great opportunity to expand in the market with a conductive environment for investments.

With more than 50 percent of the lift and elevator market still being controlled by MNCs, the domestic producers are in anticipation of developing new technologies that not only make the elevators more accessible to different people, but also complement high rise buildings with high speed and zero risks of breakdown with an approach to satiate every demand in the market.

One such name is Expedite which is a distinguished brand for its efficient and customized elevators designed to provide not only cost-effective but also time-honoring solutions for the residential, commercial and industrial sectors. Established in 2016 in Kannur Kerala, Expedite Automation has multiple offices in India including various elite branch offices in Bengaluru, Allapuzha, and a registered office along with a manufacturing unit in New Delhi.

Considered as one of the fastest-growing MSMEs in India, Expedite is one of the few multidimensional companies in the Indian markets taking active participation in `Make in India', `Skill India' and `Startup India' program-thus contributing in the aim of the policies which is to transform India into a global design and manufacturing hub; developing modern and efficient infrastructures.

Shedding light on the evolution of Expedite as a pioneer in manufacturing, supplying and installing elevators, Ashir P.N.P, Managing Partner, Expedite, states, "We are the first elevator company in India which not only has introduced new technology in elevator controllers but also in Passenger and Car elevators. We have multiple patents in elevator technology and furthermore under development. We have supplied and installed thousands of elevator controllers across India.

As of now, we have supplied to over 22 states in India. We manufacture, supply, install and maintain all kinds of elevators in the state of Kerala only, not outside Kerala. We have installed multiple lifts across Kerala starting from Kasaragod to Thiruvananthapuram."

Ensuring products and services relevant to manufacturing, installation and maintenance
of all kinds of elevators including Passenger elevators, Capsule elevators, Home elevators, Car elevators, Goods Lift, Hospital Lifts and Kitchen lifts Expedite Automation is regarded as a master in making large capacity customized elevators for transporting heavy goods and vehicles. Our customization enables us to meet the time to time changing and modifying demands of our customers with maximum efficiency.

"We have recently developed products which are much sturdier and more reliable than any traditional elevator present in the market. We have started providing a longer guarantee period of elevators. We not only managed to improve our quality but also made it much more economical and affordable than ever before with minimum maintenance cost and maximum durability. Expedite works with the principle of `Lift for all' and `Customer before everything else'. The company also developed its unique `don't ask, don't tell' service policy for all its clients which provides smooth and question free service," states Ashir.

Ashir P.N.P,Managing Partner

Incepted in March 2016 by three engineering students, Expedite has patented various elevator controller technologies. Expedite developed first of its kind elevator controllers which not only replaced traditional contactors but also reduced wires required in the elevator installation thereby curtailing the complications. By developing a unique manufacturing and installing a system which made both manufacturing and installation of lift possible within two week, Expedite has entered its Phase 4 expansion which will end with its new manufacturing unit in Bangalore, making the communication and transportation even more strong and secure.

Citing his plans for the future, Ashir quotes, "The Company has plans of expanding internationally with 21 proposed international offices as its future plan. Our target is to develop newer and more accessible lifts as per the customer requirements of lift in their homes, offices, and warehouses. Expedite has its own range of uniquely designed lifts which are under the process of being patented. These designs and advanced technology not only make our lifts more reliable and safer but also more economical and unique looking with advanced features. The combination of old and new technology and development of upcoming new technologies make Expedite Automation a power house of elevators."