Excelligent Corporate Services: Offering Tailor-made L&D Programs to Helps Customers Achieve Success

Jyotna Patil, Co-Founder & Director BD,Sucheta Dikshit, Co-Founder & Director Business Excellence

Jyotna Patil

Co-Founder & Director BD

With the frantic advancements in business practices, the skills that were required to succeed earlier are not the same as those are relevant now, and will not be the same for tomorrow. Employees will have to become lifelong learners to remain competitive in the workplace. Alongside professional growth, they are also in need of assistance for personal growth, well-being, and work-life balance. Recognizing this drastic workforce development need in the market, Jyotna Patil & Sucheta Dikshit established Excelligent Corporate Services Pvt. Ltd in the year 2019.

Excelligent is united with the intent of redefining the concept of Holistic People Transformation by bringing in a perfect blend of Behavioural & Energy Sciences and Technology. The main focus of the company is to help unleash the highest potential of individuals across Behavioural, Psychological/Emotional, and Energy & Skill levels to nurture individual/business outcomes by eliciting exceptional results in the personal & professional transformation across the globe.

"An organization that invests in employees good is investing in its own success. Our excellent trainers with enough experience will skilfully train employees as per the requirement. We believe in offering tailor-made L&D programs as it gives greater benefits based on their learning requirement and priorities," informs Jyotna Patil, Co-Founder & Director BD.

Its wide array of services include Soft Skills Development, Health, Behaviour & Wellness, Statutory Training, Functional Training, Technical Training, and more. As part of the USP, the services align the clients' requirements, goals, modern learning tools, and the target audience. It
includes interactive, online sessions, pre and post-session analysis for the effectiveness of training by a well-qualified and experienced trainer from the industry. The coaching programs designed with current tools are appreciated as the training needs of an individual are handled meticulously. It gives the benefits of focused sessions to give effective results.

"We boast high standard multifaceted training programs as per the requisites and essentials of our clients. Spreading knowledge to enrich the most precious of resources that an organization possesses ­ Human Resource; and rewarding your precious Human Resources with customized Learning solutions reaping the benefits of training is what makes the very purpose of establishing Excelligent Corporate Services," mentions Sucheta Dikshit, Co-Founder & Director Business Excellence.

Sucheta Dikshit, Co-Founder & Director Business Excellence

The Journey & Future
Since its inception, Excelligent has been instrumental in offering an excellent solution for the L&D requirement. It has been successful in its mission is to serve the clients with the best. "A listicle of our satisfied clientele on our reception display board is what we look forward to. Deploying the best people on the job for our clients and ensuring them the best aid is our prime aim. With unique interactive training sessions we have achieved to be the trailblazers in our domain, she exclaims.

Excelligent believes in offering tailor-made L&D programs to give greater benefits based on their learning requirement and priorities

The Bangalore­based organization is offering its services to brands like Mitsubishi, Trumpf, Hyundai, Hector Beverages, IBIS Hotel, Armacell, iAsys, Auxix Entertainment, Bigtapp, MASK Business Consultancy, Johnson Lifts, Rackon, among others. The company aspires to become a prime provider to the corporates across the. Living by the motto `We deliver what we declare', it wishes to bind the customers with the bond of trust. "Developing a wonderful symbiotic relationship with all our clients, we have coined our own phrase `You Grow, We grow' and we do entirely believe in it," Jyotna concludes on a positive note.