ESY India: Innovative Cloud-Based Billing Solution with an Offline Management Option

Dr. VP. Sajeevan, CEOToday cloud billing is the new buzzword in the POS space. Customers don’t trust and are not confident of third party servers and other security aspects related to it, though they appreciate the features and benefits associated with them. ESY Tech Resources identified this challenge and developed a highly secure cloud-based billing solution in association with a leading cloud solutions company with an offline management option offering support for all leading Operating Systems such as Windows and Android. Addressing such dire needs with innovative solutions, ESY India has emerged as one of the leading players in the digital imaging industry under the leadership of Dr. V.P. Sajeevan(CEO). It is the first brand in the POS industry in India to offer a complete range of retail billing solutions that include POS printers, barcode scanners, barcode printers, cash registers, touch POS machines, mobile POS machines, biometric POS machines, cash drawers and software solutions.
Unswerving Innovative Spirit
Having established over 240 service centers nationwide for prompt customer support and to ensure highest percentage of uptime for devices, ESY offers the latest technology devices that can work with cloud computing and wireless billing and processing. Its recently launched world’s smallest All in One Touch POS devices that can meet the comprehensive requirements of retail, billing, computing and communication, are adding value to the stores not only for POS billing but also for consumer engagements. Coming with high speed processors with remote location management, this device would be the most fitting example of the company’s commitment to innovation. The immense effort it lays in manufacturing latest, fastest & finest POS products free from the usual clutters manifests the true embodiment of its corporate tagline ‘Making Life Easy’.

"We have a wide range of products (all are BIS certified) comprising over 80 models that offer retail POS printing, data capturing, computing, transmitting, preserving and presenting support"

“We have a wide range of products (all are BIS certified) comprising over 80 models that offer retail POS printing, data capturing, computing, transmitting, preserving and presenting support,” says Dr. Sajeevan. Offering conventional cash registers below Rs.10,000 as
well as high speed cloud computing machines with wider network, ESY has tied up with over 300 system integrators countrywide and has a dedicated team constantly working to get the best for their clients. The company offers three highly-efficient support mechanisms to enhance the performance of its systems - on-call, online and on-site. Most other brands in this space offer warranty only for print heads and some of them offer a limited warranty. Being the first brand in India to offer two-year onsite warranty including print head warranty, ESY goes through a rigorous quality check before shipping, which maintain the very low rate of failure, perhaps the best in the industry. ESY has a strong commitment to environment and built a robust network for e-Waste management as well.

Shaping the Future
Almost all leading retail and banking brands have benefited from the range of POS solutions of the company in the recent times including Reliance, Big Bazaar, PVR, Bazar India, Haldiram, Canon, HDFC, India Post, and Delhi Metro to name a few. ESY offers customized solutions for all kind of customers. With the implementation of GST in 2017, the demand for POS automation solutions in India was high, amplifying the growth rate of the company to over 40 percent. Very soon, ESY will be launching advanced L2 based Biometric POS machines that will be true trendsetters in the Indian POS space.