Escale Solutions: Developing Quality-Driven, Feature-Rich & Market-Oriented e-Commerce Websites

Saransh Garg,Managing Director

Saransh Garg, Managing Director

E-Commerce website development isn’t just about building a sumptuous website to showcase your services/products ideally. These things matter, but without a meticulous business plan, it’s hard to get the business off the ground. It’s indispensable for any business to understand who their customer is, what to sell, compatibility of the platform with their existing systems, maintaining the site, and more.

Assimilating all these factors in its services is Escale Solutions, a one-stop-solution for all marketing needs. The company covers the full spectrum through website building, custom mobile application, personalized logo coherent with company values, digital marketing, and product/brand consulting for devising strategies for the growth of the business. This Delhi-based solution provider serves a broad mix of technology, consultancy & marketing services. Besides doing comprehensive market research to identify the right products, Escale also explores the growth prospects for businesses and devises personalized strategies to boost client’s business in real-time to help them maximize their horizons.
Customer-Centric Services
It’s this astute strategy that enables it to help its clients overcome challenges that they face during the marketing or sales of their e-Commerce products, after designing & development phase. Escale facilitates them in strategizing, creating & executing the soundest possible marketing strategy for their e-Commerce business. For instance, Escale being an SEO expert delivers them an SEO specific website with quick loading page speed that is responsive to every device, and empowers them to stand at the front.

"Escale also explores the growth prospects for businesses and devises personalized strategies to boost client’s business in real-time to help them maximize their horizons"

This consultancy service is the upshot of its customer-relationship building approach. Besides enabling clients to raise their needs/concerns through chat, screen-shares & web-meeting, Escale ensures customer satisfaction by facilitating on-demand videos of the products and 24x7 live support, which speaks volumes about its customer-centric methodology. “Our clients are our topmost priority. We want to ascertain that our customer’s product doesn't remain stagnant but keeps growing over the years. We want to ensure their convenience and satisfaction because a happy customer is a returning customer,” adds Saransh Garg, Managing Director, Escale Solutions.

Bespoke Technology
Led by Saransh, a DCE Graduate,
Serial Entrepreneur & Digital India
partisan, who believes that technology has enormous power & potential to bring global innovations for composing a better world, Escale uses cutting-edge technologies in developing custom e-Commerce websites & mobile apps. While its avant-garde developers have the skill to build e-Commerce websites on frameworks like Magento, Opencart, & Drupal, the company favours using the latest tech stack - MEAN. It uses Express Framework on Node.js for Backend (lightweight & efficient), MongoDB for Database Management (offers greater efficiency & reliability), & AngularJs for FrontEnd Development (to address daunting challenges encountered in developing single-page applications).

Ensuring expeditious service, Escale runs quality checks of its designs through cross-device & cross-browser compatibility test along with some basic Page Optimization (Page Speed & Structured Data Testing Tool). Addressing projects as per specification, it uses waterfall or iterative model for miniature project development, and leverages Agile product development to take-on the jumbo ones. Through these incredible web design, mobile application development, and digital marketing services & solutions, Escale also empowers its valued clients overseas with complete contentment. Aiming to magnify its services, this 2017-established company is intending to come-up with some new & innovative products or solutions for the B2B market as well.