Eoxys: Global Partner of Choice for R&D Product Engineering

Prabhakar A,MD & CEO

Prabhakar A, MD & CEO

Almost every electronic device that we use today has sensors in it. With the capability to make readings, the business world has woken up to the dormant potential of sensor data making Internet of Things (IoT), the next market-defining trend. The key however lies in understanding the value of sensor data and turning it into business opportunities by sensing, computing, analysing and taking action. Working towards helping clients adopt IoT and M2M technologies is Eoxys, a fast-growing IoT product engineering firm. Headquartered in Bangalore, the firm leverages its hands-on experience in IoT products design, mobile and cloud applications development to work with clients in the medical, enterprise and industrial domains. “With the vision of building indigenous expertise in electronic product engineering and cloud software engineering, we diversified our offerings into the IoT domain,” explains Prabhakar A, Managing Director & CEO, Eoxys. Working for a vast global clientele, Eoxys has become the partner of choice for R&D for companies around the globe.

Building Smart Products
The world is seeing a surge in
popularity of smart bands & wearables for addressing medical, sports and enterprise requirements. In order to meet the industry’s automation needs, product engineering in IoT sensors & gateways has seen a consequent rise in opportunities. While various clients are looking to adopt new IoT automation technologies into their process and products, the process can often be daunting. “Clients often face challenges pertaining to choosing suitable sensors, wireless communications, software and protocol stacks,” adds Prabhakar. Bringing proven reference product engineering experience to the table, Eoxys thoroughly understands the client’s business challenges and thus offers suitable product engineering services.

"Bringing proven reference product engineering experience to the table, Eoxys thoroughly understands the client’s business challenges and thus offers suitable product engineering services"

As part of electronic product engineering, Eoxys builds HW designs for wearables, IoT sensors and gateways. Under the Cloud SW engineering segment, Eoxys builds latest microservices & serverless computing Cloud SW architectures along with associated libraries& components. Having successfully worked with various clients, the firm has proven expertise in E2E product development from concept to market roll-out involving HW, SW and Cloud applications.

The tech maverick firm owns BLE, Zigbee, Wi-Fi and Z-wave based HW designs & SW stack for any IoT sensors design. Additionally, Eoxys owns Quadcore ARM cortex A9
based gateway HW & SW design for building any custom automation gateways.

Watertight Methodology
Following professional project management practices, Eoxys strives to not just meet but exceed customer’s expectations pertaining to deliverables. Keeping accountability of its team as a top priority, the firm utilizes local and cloud repositories to manage sources and deliverables. The 25-member strong team adopts matured and up-to-date development frameworks, technologies and processes. Laying emphasis on the criticality of learning and keeping-up with the technology curve, Eoxys encourages its employees to learn and practice the new skills and state-of-the-art technology, which enables the team to facilitate high-quality deliverables. In order to promote learning of new skills and emerging technologies, the firm has built a Centre of Excellence in all its line of business units.

Milestones & Impending Growth
Armed with a talented team, the firm is working with Australia and IIT-Madras to create medical wearables & IoT solutions based on its BLE based Sensor Watch design. The firm also works with a host of U.S. and UK based customers as their Cloud SW engineering partner for architecting and building nextgen fintech and enterprise cloud mobility using latest microservices and serverless computing architecture. Eoxys is now working towards building various IoT reference designs and re-usable software IPs and components.