ENS Translate: Offering Quality - Centered Linguistic Solutions without Compromising Efficiency

Vineet Kochhar, DirectorAs Indian Language Service Providers (LSPs) generate a huge chunk of their revenue overseas, and as their foreign counterparts are well-equipped in terms of precision, knowledge and confidentiality, the competition in the LSP space is toughening at a global scale. A Delhi-based LSP that matches this global standard while offering translations in over 200 languages, ENS Translate’s success stems from its quality centric approach, which leverages human intellect(to replace software like Google translate) to ensure precision and NDA at two-ends (client & translator) to as certain confidentiality of data. On-boarding a project through merely three-steps (Selecting Language(s), Uploading File & Entering Your Information), turnaround time is another facet where ENS leads the competition.

“Innovation, in our perspective, is not only limited to the adoption of new technologies, but working with great minds as the space depends more on human talent.The technological prowess acts as a stimulus to further growth,” says Vineet Kochhar, Director, ENS Translate. Constituting a world-class team of experienced and talented language professionals, including thousands of translators, industry-specific engineers, engineers, top-notch project managers, IT, testing, and other specialists with minimum seven years of experience, ENS
provides translation services in all major formats, such as Dreamweaver, Page maker, In-Design, MS Word, Power Point, HTML and Trados.

Innovation, in our perspective, is not only limited to the adoption of new technologies, but working with great minds as the space depends more on human talent

The Extreme Mode
With a level of commitment that has never failed to impress its clients, the company renders language services including, but not limited to, Business Translation, Websites Translation /Localization, Document Translation, Software Localization, Technical Translation, Video Transcription, Books Translation, Magazine Translation, and Language Translation; everything at a competitive price tag. “We fit every where, and that’s why we have even translated cook books for our clients, “asserts Vineet.

Industry specific experience & knowledge of its translators playing a pivotal role, ENS exposes these services to an entire gamut of domains including the highly error sensitive industries such as medical, legal, finance, and aerospace. “We provide extreme security to client’s sensitive data by signing NDA at both client’s & translator’s ends, in addition to protecting documents via passwords,” proclaims Vineet.

Even though it covers a wide linguistic spectrum, including all the European languages, Arabic, Asian languages and even the vernacular languages of India,
ENS is highly committed in aligning with client's time limits, which is why it deploys 5-7 experts in each language, alongside the translators. Lend your ears to one of its Swizz clients, “In TV production, we need very reactive & reliable service providers. ENS translation services are very valuable: transcriptions are crystal clear, deadlines are met and amounts charged are always as anticipated”. However, managing such an expansive resource pool would incur a huge administrative onus. In fact, it is handled seamlessly by the pillar of ENS – Dooly Pathak (Project Manager).

Miles to Go
Derived from its parent company Ezee Nursing Solution Pvt. Ltd. (an ISO 9001:2008 Healthcare Organization, licensed by the Government of India) in 2013, ENS has translated around three to three and a half million words during the previous financial year of its operation under the aegis of aficionados like Vineet and Dooly. Having had a recent break through in the U.S.,ENS is now looking forward to augment its clientele by disrupting the Scandinavian markets and associating more with big enterprises to constantly engage itself with challenging tasks. Still in the learning phase, the young company displays an eagerness to take up new and demanding tasks, daring to fail its attempts. “You have to keep trying. It doesn’t matter if you fall. But you just have to get up and keep on trying more,” concludes Vineet.