Encomium PR: Personalizing Brand stories with a boutique agency approach

Dhana Lakshmi,CEOAs the PR industry copes with new challenges and apparent changes in the post-Covid world, the business of managing and building brand and individual reputation may have undergone a change welcoming a digital, online and social media approach. But Bangalore-based boutique reputation agency, Encomium PR believes a mix of both the traditional and digital tactics should be implemented for reaching enduring results for its clients.

"Thanks to the pandemic, the PR industry has started acknowledging the changes in online and social media expectations as per client requirements. At Encomium, we weave our PR narratives catering to different mediums and we believe that traditional PR will continue to exist alongside the digital mediums.

In our attempt to deliver our clients the maximum reach, a mixed approach for greater traction should be considered," explains Lakshmi, a veteran in the PR industry and also the agency head for Encomium PR.

Encomium came into existence in 2017 after its London-based parent company, Eulogy PR exited the Indian market putting Lakshmi in charge of the corporate servicing business. Banking on its existing international and domestic clientele, Encomium since then has slowly built a robust client base catering to the fashion, lifestyle, and hospitality industries.
Quality offerings and strategic relationships building the base
Strategy-wise, the firm's outlook is governed by quality rather than quantity. The superior services of Encomium towards their clientele, like the Marriott hotel group, Swiss Watch brands, healthcare brands and liquor brands have worked in their favor. "For Marriott hotel group, we started working with one of the hotel brands, and eventually we went on to win contracts for other Marriott Hotel brands, same with Swiss Watch brands where we started with 1 brand 4 years back and went on to win 5 watch brands across categories and other clientele as well.

The client understood our industry precision, expertise, and our hands-on approach. Today, Encomium works with several brands of the hotel under the Marriott ambit, not just in Bangalore but with multiple hotels across Chennai, Indore, and Hyderabad," says Lakshmi adding further, "Despite our small-scale operations, we are very careful in setting up our client's expectations. We don't overload ourselves at the cost of our clients. We deliver what we promise and this has been driving our market positioning."

At Encomium, we value the key role media and journalists play in building brand recognition and pushing client narratives to the fore

In its years of operations, the firm has carved its own space and doubled down its presence with the journalists and media houses, establishing key relations; an essential aspect for the successful conduct of PR activities. "At Encomium, we value the key role media and journalists play in building brand recognition and pushing client narratives to the fore. Our whole team is aligned on this aspect, we work hand-in-hand with fellow journalists and media houses to keep the PR activities in swing.

We strongly believe that PR and media are in a symbiotic relationship; one works in tandem with the other," comments Lakshmi adding further "We also engage with a lot of bloggers, influencers and experts to promote our story, these engagements are very important in this digitally accelerated age. Influencing the influencers to reach end-customers is an important driver now."

Helping clients augment their reach and presence in the market has been Encomium's sole goal for each of its clients, but the company, for it-self has set some targets as well. "We envision Encomium to become the very best PR firm in the industry dispensing stellar services. We wish to enhance our services further so that we can service clients better and expand our clientele to accommodate IT, Hospitals and Data Analytics. Presently, Encomium has two offices in Mumbai and Bangalore and we aim to further our team strength and open offices in New Delhi, Chennai, and Hyderabad to extend our market reach," reveals Lakshmi.