Empowerers Coworking Office: An Economical & Modern Co-Working Space for Your Business

Rahul Krishna, Co-Founders Deepak ,Deepak Bharadwaj,  Co-Founders

Rahul Krishna, Co-Founders Deepak

Deepak Bharadwaj, Co-Founders

An average stock in a posh Delhi locality pays a rent of about Rs.30 lac a month while other major metro cities like Bangalore and Mumbai demands a commercial rent of cool Rs.6000/sq.ft. and Rs.8000/sq.ft.respectively. Sky rocketing commercial space rents are one of the major reasons for cash burn that results in failure of startup ventures. However, co-working spaces today are helping enterprises cut back on heavy property investment and banking on this‘Plug and Play’ opportunity where they are providing startups, freelancers and even established MNCs with fully equipped and economic spaces for their business functioning. Established in the thriving area of South Delhi, Green Park Metro Area, Empowerers Co-working Office is treading on similar lines by providing a creative launch pad for people to spend their time executing ideas. Founded in 2016 with just 70 seats with Private cabins, Empowerers expanded drastically in four months and opened another work space for 85 seats more with Coworking Open seats.

Going Beyond the Conventions

Bringing in their collaborative
experience of 15 years, co-founders Rahul Krishna(experience in Global Talent Acquisitions & Recruitments)and Deepak Bharadwaj (experience in travel and hospitality industry) started this initiative with a thought to make an ideal work space that would expose the users to various avenues of an enterprise functioning, help them understand the nuances of running a business and understand their venture's true worth. Assisting them in lead generation and offering expertise in business modelling, valuation and cumulative financial modelling, Empowerers seeks to make things easier for the entrepreneurs by catering all the strategic mentorship under one roof. "For Billing Solutions, we plan to provide an in house accountant on call to help business and its tax indemnification,"states Rahul. The Empowerers value added services of meetups and networking events helps attain lot of collaborations and valuable insights about their respective industry from veteran players. "We are the official partners of the Founder’s Conclave (to be held in July 2017)and will be representing Delhi. The event would be decorated with teams of angels and investors who will be giving their valuable insights," informs Rahul.

The modern and open interior designs help the entrepreneurs imbibe the positive vibes for better productivity while the expansive co-library helps people upgrade their skills by reading

The Empowerers clients enjoy
special amenities like metro connectivity(70 metres), collaborative Co-working for innovative and fresh business approach, high speed internet, power backup, conference/ meeting room, virtual office and in house IT/HR/admin support. The modern and open interior designs help the entrepreneurs imbibe the positive vibes for better productivity while the expansive co-library helps people upgrade their skills by reading. Despite of all these amenities, it's not unusual for people to undergo distractions like phone calls from their fellow workers and many more. To mitigate this, the co-working office usually imparts trainings regarding the do’s and dont's of the space. Many of the clients are first time entrepreneurs and building the right team is a hurdle that they often face. "We help hiring fresh talent pool in their business.Of course teams have their own way of hiring; however, we assist in their scalability," states Rahul.

Having catered to organizations like Kraft Direct, Mobiweb and many more, this bootstrapped company highly prioritizes its clients work culture and ensures the respect to privacy, cleanliness & hygiene and being approachable at workplace. With future plans to organize mock pitching sessions, Empowerers envisions being recognized as one of the premier co-working space in the industry and expand further, helping more startups find their voice in the market.