Empowerers Coworking City: Crafting Prestigious Spaces with Strands of Collaboration & Recreation

Rahul Krishna & Deepak Bhardwaj,Co-Founders

Rahul Krishna, Co-Founder

A coworking space is not just a regular office space, but a treasure trove of features like seamless connectivity, serene locations, exquisite designs, diverse communities, engaging interiors, creative ambience and a lot more. With coworking spaces boasting the aforementioned facets, New Delhi-based Empowerers Coworking came into existence in 2016 and established its rich expertise at the Green Park Metro Station at Gulmohar Commercial Complex and further expanded in Hauz Khas Village. Leaving no stone unturned, Empowerers firstly selects the required property and develops bespoke coworking spaces as per the charted timelines of customers. To even accommodate a multitude of people, the firm has perfectly designed coworking spaces that let them work efficiently across smaller teams. In a nutshell, these spaces span up to more than 6000 sq.ft. of area comprising large companies, SMEs and startups/freelancers.

A Global Recruitment expert with 15 years of experience, Rahul Krishna co-founded Empowerers Coworking with Deepak Bhardwaj, who holds 15 years of experience in Travel & Visas. Since a perfect location is the heart of any coworking space, Empowerers prefers cities based on its DNA, demographic potential, ability to assimilate diverse talents and ease
of doing business. Delhi-NCR captured the hearts of Empowerers and their team to setup their brilliantly crafted spaces that are accessible to fresh entrepreneurial minds as well as expatriates seeking undisturbed environs. In fact, the firm prides itself on their first Commercial Space that came-up in the posh Green Park Metro, located in Gulmohar Commercial Complex, and second in South Delhi’s Cinque Terre of Designers in Hauz Khas Village in Delhi South. All locations are connected with a metro line to promote ease of commute to co-workers.

"Empowerers City offer a spectrum of coworking spaces with exclusive pricing to customers entailing round the clock amenities"

Distinguishing Strands
Design is another strand of excellence at Empowerers’ coworking city, wherein its customers relish variegated themes for workspaces with not even a single moment of insipidness. Rahul narrates, “The coworking/managed office is changing the commercial real estate; we are looking to enter other parts of India and get the correct Commercial Real Estate & Partners to collaborate and bring more value to the city”. People from eclectic backgrounds, ranging from designers, content writers to e-Commerce sellers, artists, freelancers, scholars, logistics, IT professionals and many more collaborate as a single entity and savour a holistic connection beyond just the wireless internet over devices. Deepak narrates, “Since the corporate real estate is expensive, we see large companies are shifting in a coworking space, as the space allows thriving community and fostering networking and more and more millennials attract these spaces”.

Surplus Amenities
Empowerers City offers a spectrum
of coworking spaces with exclusive pricing to customers entailing round the clock internet & printing facilities, storage spaces, conference & meeting rooms, mail handling & beverages. Biometric systems, CCTV, and special plants to elevate oxygen content. Regardless of the price that clients pay, they enjoy the same benefits along with a prestigious address for their routine business communications. Empowerers has tie-ups with eminent firms to promote startups with Amazon (AWS), Digital Ocean, Knowlarity, My Operator, Dell, Coca Cola and many others to bestow the above amenities. Its new offices are armed with motion sensor light, while it envisions to soon start shuttle services for its customers in Sarvodaya and Hauz Khas Village Locations.

Deepak Bhardwaj, Co-Founder

People can even play music in evenings at these spaces through top-notch Bluetooth speakers and music systems to soothe their stressed minds.They also take part in a plethora of events, workshops, stand-up shows and weekend parties as per the calendar to mingle and ideate, thereby embodying Empowerers as the hub of work and recreation.At the moment, Empowerers owns 350 seats ($110/seat) while aspiring to establish 100 coworking spaces in the next 48 months.