Embrace Gas Pipelines: Innovation Combined with Industrial Expertise for a Safe Gas Distribution

Siddharth Jain,Managing Director

Siddharth Jain, Managing Director

Indian Government has undertaken several measures to gear the usage of CNG/PNG as reliable fuel leading to increased adoption of Pipeline systems to distribute gas, in residential, as well as industrial & commercial segment. Evidently, the industry is growing in a positive trajectory and refining it further with its innovative streak is Delhi-based Embrace Gas Pipeline. A turnkey CGD/Gas Pipeline infrastructure operator, it is combining commendable service with innovation to fulfill the vision of creating the most efficient system of piped gas system in the country for industrial, as well as commercial projects. “With our turnkey provision, we are at a position to assume every responsibility to run & operate the system without perturbing the client at any point,” asserts Siddharth Jain, Managing Director, Embrace Gas Pipelines, who is a Chartered Accountant by profession & holds an MBA from Purdue University (U.S.).

This 2013-established company’s
unique SMART solution takes it a notch above its contemporaries. Since the government is upscaling SMART cities or connected industrial clusters, Embrace is embracing the idea of providing SMART Piped gas system, reinforced with SMART Infrastructure, SMART metering and SMART Billing service. Customers are benefitted with the latest technology provided by Embrace that contributes to the changeover valves, multi-point pressure regulators for safety and many others, and are saved from the hassle of tedious billing system with the in-house billing software.

"With our turnkey provision, we are at a position to assume every responsibility to run & operate the system without perturbing the client at any point"

Embrace boasts of expertise in Piped gas infrastructure and has furthered its cause by foraying into CGD infrastructure development & other related work. It undertakes an end-to-end designing of a complete LPG reticulated system and/or city gas distribution model, where its highly experienced team works on laying piping network and including installation of FRS/MRS. “We do not merely provide services and leave it at that. Our value addition lies in 24/7 after sales support, maintenance as per the PNGRB guideline or IS 6044 and technical consultation at any point of time,” states Siddharth. Embrace holds the caliber to provide emergency services to a city-wide infrastructure, catering to
bothforms of infrastructure development – the Greenfield as well as Brownfield, which invariably preps the company’s operation to seize every opportunity available.

In times when reliability is scarce, Embrace outshines by endowing its clients with the confidence to execute projects without the fear of both performance and reliability. This confidence stands as a testament to its repetitive good will and thereby, has garnered an affluent clientele comprising of DLF, EMAAR MGF, M3M, IREO, Chintels, BESTECH, Omaxe, and Ashiana, apart from their CGD clients namely, IGL, IOAGPL, Gail Gas, Avantika Gas and others.

Crediting his 180 people strong team for Embrace’s success, Siddharth elaborates, “We have the most talented set of inspired individuals, who are receptive to changing the environment and have delivered some of the most complicated projects. We also have effective leadership, including Oil & Gas veterans, who run the show for us”. Embrace is in touch with a number of international organizations to acquire expertise and experience in new industrial verticals, including foraying into Project Management. “As the industry is moving towards new ideas, modulating itself to new innovation with the government bringing-in new reforms, we look forward to new developments to unfold,” concludes Siddharth.