Embedtronix Solutions: Crafting High Performance, High Quality & Bug-Free Products with Timely Deliveries

Pranayesh Singh,Managing Director

Pranayesh Singh

Managing Director

Despite the fact that embedded systems facilitate smooth organization, proper workflow and rich operational efficiency in any company, a small human error from the design engineers’ front would produce drastic wastage of systems and materials. Thinking out of the box, Embedtronix Solutions (synonymous with electronics, sensors, IoT & automation), an embedded product & solutions design company, spends more than a significant amount of time on analyzing any problem in the design process, designing a prototype and testing activities in tune with the project’s complexity. Indeed, this methodology cuts down the rework and debugging efforts of its engineers considerably, enriches the product’s performance and meets the delivery timeline set by its clients. “Our services crafted to deliver custom-made solutions and products to clients are uniquely blended with a rigorous QA process that executes in parallel from start till end,” articulates Pranayesh Singh, Managing Director, Embedtronix.

As the embedded ecosystem is witnessing a major surge in businesses looking for ways to increase operational efficiency, unveil new products/services and forge customer retention strategies, Embedtronix explores each of its clients’ growth plans exclusively to frame innovative, efficient, scalable yet highly relevant solutions.
Vesting its focus on designing sensors in automation, IoT, IIoT & AI, the firm has proposed a fleet of smart products for Indian smart cities as part of a Government initiative and also to address the tracking as well as access needs among its clients at a very disruptive price range. These products helps in solutions wrt ‘Proximity identification’, ‘Tracking of assets /people using GPS/GPRS’ and ‘Rule based’ access systems by integrating technologies.

Built with in-house capabilities in hardware design, firmware, application technologies as well as delivery & QA skills, Embedtronix deploys modular approaches to create largely configurable & scalable designs

Built with in-house capabilities in hardware design, firmware, application technologies as well as delivery & QA skills, Embedtronix deploys modular approaches (via open source technologies /frameworks)to keep the costs low and creates largely configurable & scalable designs with least number of modifications for the emerging requirements. The firm offers end-to-end embedded product designing services right from conceptualization till execution through in-depth expertise.

Top-notch Hardware Design
Embedtronix H/W expertise includes circuit designs of high speed impedance-controlled PCBs for digital/analog/mixed signals. Organization also specializes in RF and ‘Power supply’ based boards with ease of assembling
components for these products by employing DFM, DFT &DFA methodologies.

Bug-free Firmware & Apps
Well-versed in embedded coding and hardware platforms capabilities, Embedtronix’s team is also capable of developing firmware on any type of embedded hardware (preferably high performance or ultra low power) through profound experience in execution of multiple firmware projects. Being mavens in cloud software & desktop app developments, they engage in creating a new bug-free cloud-based app or transferring the existing app to cloud and designing a bug-free PC based app from scratch or upgrading the existing one with creative dashboards/UI with back-end interfacing. The team also develops intuitive, ergonomic, easy to use mobile apps with extreme data security, low memory utilization and power consumption.

Embedtronix takes a step forward in carving products based on automation besides design services and also provides end-to-end solutions (blending mechanical, electronics & imaging skills sometimes) through an intricate partnership network. Believing in technology agnostic solutions, the firm primarily works on sensor & RFID based technologies along with embedded vision, ML & secure IoT technologies while adhering to defined standards, compliance guidelines and stringent review & validation processes for utmost QA.

Collaborating with clients from automotive, agriculture, industrial, infrastructure, medical and telecom sectors, Embedtronix either submits the design documents of framed solutions to them or help them in production process via EMS partnerships. Clearly, the firm believes that every challenge has at least one solution and seamlessly endeavors to devise an innovative solution for each client’s problem.