Elphill Technology: Housing Skilled & Ambitious Professionals Who Create Affordable & Tailor-Made e-Commerce Websites

Saikat Pachal,CEO

Saikat Pachal, CEO

A well-maintained website carved from scratch by experienced professionals with the right technology holds the capability to elevate web traffic & foster your e-Commerce business. The ample of opportunities in the e-Commerce industry has given some of the ambitious web designers confidence to encounter any upcoming challenges to meet client's requirements of seamless & user-friendly designs to attract users. Housing a team of such determined professionals who have a knack of hitting the bull’s eye with their efficient work to create one-of-its-kind websites is Elphill Technology. Spearheaded by Saikat Pachal (CEO), who has more than 15 years of experience in providing online solutions to clients, the company adeptly creates responsive websites with high-quality images for a real-life feel, easy & swift checkout process, seamless inventory management, secured payment gateway, effortless CTA message and proper order management & tracking.

The Ultimate Place to Be
From startups to large organizations, Elphill’s skilled team has so far formed relationships & streamlined business operations to
help generate revenue with its expertise across diverse platforms. This D.U.N.S. certified company offers extraordinary & impeccable services, involving in-depth planning and meticulously executes its products & services accordingly to meet the clients’ requirements. The team’s diverse capability allows Elphill to facilitate an assortment of services right from web design & development, technology support, consultation, and proper maintenance solutions, with excellent track record in the global market as well. “We are more than just an e-Commerce web design company. Elphill offers a whole package of tailor-made web services (design & development), content requirement, SEO & SMM,” says Saikat. Such diverse expertise has helped Elphill to carve-out attractive websites for Khcosmetics, Dress-on it, Sbs Salon, Sickelection, Salon Vishay, Sainre, Kafei Beauty, Diva Designs, Go Little One Go, among others.

"Elphill has a dedicated testing team that ensures the design is compatible
in all devices and whether it is functioning properly before it is handed over to the clients"

The Focal Point
Keeping affordability as its main focal point, the company offers B2B & B2C together to clients, while maintaining high-quality services & excellent customer support. Renowned for offering excellent maintenance & customer support, the company with its team of ambitious professionals creates affordable, tailor-made
e-Commerce web design & development. These client's requirements are addressed post implementing a well-structured methodology that involves Project Analysis & Planning, Requirement Specification, Designs (High/Low-Level & UX), Development, Delivery and Maintenance & Support (scheduled maintenance, corrective/adaptive maintenance & software roadmap).

Elphill has a dedicated testing team that ensures the design is compatible in all devices and whether it is functioning properly before it is handed over to the clients. Furthermore, the company also updates, migrates, maintains & offers support for an existing website. Having built numerous successfully-running websites over years employing technologies like API, Open Source, Big Data, Automation software & IoT in its services, Elphill diverts clients towards cloud hosting & upgrade services, when they face slow-loading due to hosting. “We strictly maintain our product lifestyle & don’t just make the website attractive, but also fast,” proclaims Saikat.

Ever since its inception in 2010, the company and its team have adapted numerous inventive ways to implement various projects apace with the upcoming technologies & trends – a strategy that has enabled it to achieve a substantial growth so far, especially in 2018. Furthermore, Elphill intends to branch-out in future so that it can offer its services & proper solution to clients across the country.