Electrolube: Empowering LED Manufacturers with Innovative Thermal Management Solutions

Ron Jakeman,Managing Director

Ron Jakeman

Managing Director

The long-term reliability concerns & contamination from silicone and its global shortage have fuelled the need for non-silicone thermal management solution for thermal management of LEDs. Endowing LED manufactures with an immediate drop-in solution, Electrolube have introduced a range of non-silicone thermal management solutions, thereby providing viable alternatives. HTC, HTCX, HTCPX and HTCP are some of the company’s non-silicone heat transfer compounds that can withstand higher temperatures.

Electrolube offers a full range of thermal management options including curing & bonding products, gap pads and an enhanced range of thermal pastes that reduce oil bleed & evaporation weight loss thereby improving performance under thermal cycling. Moreover, its encapsulation resins (suitable for both manual and automated use) offer high levels of thermal conductivity with environmental protection & are ideal for LED drivers.

Electrolube has a reputation for the provision of bespoke electro-
chemical products and innovative solutions. “As a company, we understand that an ‘off-the-shelf’ product may not always be suitable for every application and sometimes a bespoke solution is required,” comments Ron Jakeman, Managing Director, Electrolube.

" Electrolube has forged an enviable reputation for thought-leadership with a clear focus on enhanced performance and new technologies "

Enhancing & Inventing Products
Electrolube has forged an enviable reputation for thought-leadership with a clear focus on enhanced performance and new technologies. The company’s phase-change material has been recently launched and it has been specifically designed to combine the low thermal resistance with the stability of a cured or solid material (RTV or gap pad) using thermal paste. These materials offer optimum stability even under harsh conditions and are good at resisting thermal shock, thereby minimizing the effects of pump-out. Electrolube offers a range of gap filling materials (such as the liquid ultra-thin gap filler) that combines high thermal conductivity and long-term performance stability with no pump-out. This material is highly suitable for automotive applications, semiconductors, IGBT & LEDs.

Electrolube is ISO9001, 14001, 18001 and IATF 16949 certified, and is currently undergoing assessment for AS9100. It performs a process of continuous review and development to maximize the range of solutions available and their performance.
“We frequently assess new raw materials and look to develop manufacturing processes to ensure that maximum bulk thermal conductivity can be achieved,” adds Ron Jakeman. As a member of the Bridgelux Ecosystem Programme, the company’s products are tested & verified as suitable thermal interface materials for LED applications & heat sinks.

Electrolube works with customers through its’technical support team and systematically reviews the applications and production processes, often developing test methods to identify the performance of products. This approach accomplishes more than an immediate product solution and further addresses challenges such as heat transfer and pump-out effects. Electrolube also offers a comprehensive technical support service providing both before and after sales service.

The Legacy
The company that today has 215 employees spread across UK, France, Germany, China, India, Australia, New Zealand and U.S. was incepted in 1941 and has recorded consistent growth, particularly in export sales by effectively addressing its customer demands. Under the leadership of Ron Jakeman, Electrolube has witnessed an incredible 27 percent increase in gross turnover this year compared to 2017 (biggest growth figures ever recorded in the company’s 78-year history). Endorsing its substantially increased level of profitability, Electrolube was honoured with Queen's Award for Enterprise, International Trade in 2016.