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UmeashSahhaaii, CEO & Founder


CEO & Founder

In today’s business world, time is currency, thus the prime concern of enterprises attempting to move to or start a new facility is minimising the turnaround time of starting their work from the new office and hiring for the new location. Solving this problem adeptly is EFC India, with its world-class plug and play offices offering not only almost all of the commonly required infrastructure, but also are located conveniently in business districts with well-developed transportation facilities, minimizing hiring resistance. Besides providing a prestigious business address, the company also astonishes its clients with the juxtaposition of comprehensive yet highly economical offerings.

EFC was founded in 2014by a successful serial entrepreneur Umeash Sahhaaii (CEO), when he determined to facilitate entrepreneurs and start-ups,drawing on his own experience.Its robust revenue model (particularly charging per seat strategy) has not only allowed the company to minimise the cost of shared services & infrastructure to clients, but has also fast tracked EFC’s business; delivering over 40 percent growth in the last quarter.Today it has grown into Pune’s largest serviced office space provider with 3500+ seats,spread over 4,00,000 sq. ft. across seven centers in Pune&Mumbai. Running at the forefront of the sector’s growth, EFC bestows clients with free of cost additional services such as fully equipped meeting, conference & board rooms, huddle areas, cafeteria, fully functional reception and others. Besides facilitating clients with a technology based support system,its plush centers include e-Facility Smart Solution (facility Management CRM/ ERP) that helps its clients to manage their business easily.

Meticulously Designed Offerings

What sets EFC’s centres apart from the herd is its unique product line that’s best suitable for startups and established organizations alike; organizations alike; especially its product Serviced Suite gives enterprises the feeling of having an individual space. “Serviced Suite is
meticulously designed to wow our clients on all fronts, right from interior design, ample space to state-of-the-art technology, to provide ideal office spaces that meet our clients’ dynamic needs,” remarks Umeash. Further more, EFC’s clients attain numerous benefits such as 5-50 work stations for employees, separate cabin space for higher management, well-fitted & exquisite furniture, high speed broadband internet connection & Wi-Fi, personalized telephone & guest handling, office stationery services (photocopying, printing, scanning, laminating, binding and others),mail handling outgoing & incoming,24x7 Security,CCTV monitoring,personalized smart cards and many more. In addition to its standard packages, EFC also offers temporary access to office and co-working spaces in its other centres, access to a pool of vendors for business service requirements and so on.

Serviced Suite is meticulously designed to wow our clients on all fronts,right from interior design,ample space to state-of-the-art technology, to provide ideal office spaces that meet our clients’ dynamic needs

The abundant value additions it offers under its EFC Ink initiative (an expansion of its immensely popular ISBD) will definitely raise even unimpressible eyebrows. It organizes numerous events like motivational sessions, skill development sessions, mentors & investors meet, work-life balance sessions, business networking and business development to address the participants’ crucial needs of forging new connections, inspiration, advice, new opportunities and mentoring. EFC Ink networking events organized around the EFC centers amalgamate extraordinary groups of highly -skilled and talented entrepreneurs from a variety of back grounds, expertise, experience & interests, who are united around communication, sharing, creating & developing ideas and meeting with potential investors. Going the extra mile, the company also deploys its own network of industry leaders, trainers, speakers, investors and venture capitalists.

The company has separate departments to assist its clients with their technical issues. With frequent trainings and technology-based upgradation workshops, EFC accelerates the efficiency of its team,
which denizes in an open structure and a lean, performance-oriented work culture. “We were the first to offer Serviced Suites and have continuously updated the range of our offerings, anticipating and meeting future client requirements. We are planning to introduce a premium offering in the top ten cities, a comprehensive concierge service and a 360o business solution,” remarks Umeash.

Further, EFC’s consumer loyalty program provides handsome discounts to its customers on various brands being tapped by it. To make customers’ life more easier and highly focused on work, EFC company plans to launch an integrated mobile app in upcoming weeks, which will streamline all allied services and additional perks such as flexible meal services, laundry on call, travel desk, booking EFC Lounges and registering them for gymnasium offered in premium centers of EFC.

At present, EFC is adding four more serviced/co-working centers, totalling approximately 1,00,000 sq. ft. with a capacity of 550 each at various locations in Pune and Mumbai. The company is also introducing premium co-working centers in Delhi, Bangalore, Hyderabad and Chennai with approximately 5,00,000Sq.Ft. spread across ten facilities, which will feature additional premium facilities including serviced business lounges, concierge services, gyms, multi functional zones and many more. This bootstrapped company is open to raising funds in future to move towards its target of developing additional 25,000 seats nationwide. Aiming to assist over 5,000 entrepreneurs(startups to established business owners) realize their dream and taste success, EFC envisions being synonymous with the serviced office sector in India. Seeing its future blue print, this does not seem a far off dream.

Key Management:
UmeashSahhaaii, CEO & Founder

A serial entrepreneur, an investor and a philanthropist, Umeash started his career at the age of 18by manufacturing UPS inverters in the name Welken Electro Mechanical, followed by several other successful ventures like Maverick Software (2007), USAT Web Inc (2009), Elves Technology(2010)& more.

Offerings: Serviced Suite, Studio Office, Virtual Office and Meeting Room

Offices: Six centers in Pune (Headquarter)&one in Vashi(Navi Mumbai)