Separator A Right Stop for Teacher Search

Lekha Shankar , COO

Young and talented minds are tomorrow’s promise. To encourage such talent and master the skill in them, there is a need of proper guidance. Educational institutes lack sufficient methods to locate skilful faculties with required talents and experiences in the field. Since there appears a big difference in teaching approaches as compared to conventional methods, finding out suitable teaching staff has become a challenge. As a job portal exclusively dedicated to the aspiring candidates who have got an edge in teaching, helps educational institutes in finding out the right candidate that suits the required profile. This portal envelops job vacancies that are open across almost all schools of the country for K-12 classes.

Setting Multimedia Profiles for Candidates
Being an absolute platform for both schools and job seekers, acts as a unique stop to choose the right candidate for schools, as well as a doorway to live one’s
dream. The website is a division of School Serv, a company passionate about enhancing educational outcomes for schools. School Serv offers comprehensive services for school setup, school improvement and school management. The company has school project consultants, academicians, and marketing specialists to deliver a complete spectrum of services. In a vision to redefine school education system, School Serv listed as a hiring gateway to locate facilitates candidates in connecting with the best educator opportunities by creating an attractive multimedia profile. The website provides other key offerings that include getting confidential references, blocking specific schools from viewing the profile etc. As conceptualizes, the right school and the best role for passionate candidates should not go unnoticed. serves as an exclusive platform for schools to post job vacancies that rightly target the candidate

An educator contributes to each aspect of the society, and their influence touch other's lives. The role borne by a teacher in the social development of a student is not meagre. serves as the right platform for schools to post job vacancies that rightly target the canddate. The schools also benefit from an end-to -end management in the hiring process across branches. Using the website portal, schools can shortlist candidates based on their applications, issue eOffer Letter, and track their joining. By reimagining the school education system, School Serv and unfolds the carpet that extends to the betterment of young talents and dreams of aspiring candidates.