ECONZ IT SERVICES: Cloud & Digital Transformation for Enterprises

 Moby K Babu,    Founder & CEO

Moby K Babu

Founder & CEO

With over eight million live websites using its hosting, Google Cloud Platform (GCP) currently holds a 4.6 percent market share in cloud computing services. And if reports are to be believed, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) has emerged as the largest cloud computing category, capturing more than half of all public cloud spending. Accordingly, the merger of GCP revenues with its SaaS offering – the G-Suite, has opened new gateways for this platform which is growing at an astounding rate of 60 percent YOY, with annual revenue over $8 billion.

Making the most of this business space is ECONZ, a premier G-Suite partner with rich & extensive experience in cloud based solution and services. As a promising Information Technology & Services firm, it delivers strong Cloud Business Solutions with them being G-Suite Set-up, Migration, Deployment, Training and Integration. Besides, it also functions as a Digital agency providing Social Media Marketing, Online Marketing Outsourcing, Online Ad Campaigns, Software & Web Application Development and Web based products and services. The services are distinguished by a personal touch which is reflected through its client-centric solutions along with the mutual trust and ethical practices they uphold. Apart from these services, ECONZ is also associated with an innovative product called ‘Grapp’ which is a mobile application enabling the unorganized sector to solve the problem of payment collection & tracking.

A Team that Transforms Visions into Reality
Behind every successful company, there is a skilled team constantly open to continuous learning. This adage holds for ECONZ whose dedicated team of diligent experts in different domains has established it as a key player in South Indian markets like Karnataka, Kerala and Tamil Nadu. With professionals possessing an average industrial experience of over five years together with seniors commanding over 10 years of experience, this team primarily focuses on the pressing priority of the market, in this case Cloud Hosting on GCP and G-suite adoption. It is their constant rendezvous with the newest domain related technological innovations,
collaboration and original thinking that is responsible for the highest quality services furnished by the firm & efficient resolution of customers’ pain points.

The biggest challenge for contemporary enterprises is the indispensability of using multiple applications such as CRM, HR, accounting & sales, for its efficient functioning, which may not be compatible with one another. Grappling with this Gordian knot, ECONZ integrates these applications to one sign in, ergo providing a Single-Sign on (SSO) Platform that facilitates access to all these applications using a single account. This application is a boon to organizations especially when employees quit the firm as one account deletion will terminate all access granted to them. Apart from this software, the company also provides Lead Management System(LMS) for its customers in the digital platform. Furthermore, when its competitors are busy looking for a business in various specializations, ECONZ focuses on getting deeper and specializing in its one area of real skill.

Taking the right action at the right time, ECONZ associated with Google as a partner and started catering to the small-scale needs of these companies as their business objective

An Organization Catering to All
Established in the year 2007 Econz, initially served as a web hosting, domain registration & website designing company, it later evolved & transformed itself to cloud hosting services; the demand for feasible & quality cloud and shared hosting among SMBs being the key factors. With its continuous effort, the company also caters to the MSMEs and other large segment businesses today. Primarily considering the SMBs, there was a great gap in the market between the budgets these companies could afford and the fees charged by service providers. Consequently, even if there is a need, the organizations failed to procure these services either due to lack of knowledge or information. Taking the right action at the right time, ECONZ associated with Google as a partner and started catering to the small scale needs of these companies as their business objective. This undaunted endeavor is responsible for its exalted & acclaimed stature today.

Based on projections by the International Data Corporation (IDC), worldwide spending on public cloud services and infrastructure is forecasted to double over the next five years; growing from a $229 billion mark in 2019 to almost $500 billion by 2023. Intrinsically, ECONZ looks forward to leveraging its experience & expertise in messaging and collaboration areas to take the company to the next level. With offices in Bangalore, Kochi, and Coimbatore, it maintains a robust presence in the entire Southern Indian. Planning of offshore expansion, the selffunded firm further envisions serving markets like Sri Lanka, Middle East & North Africa.

Key Management:
Moby K Babu, Founder
Moby K Babu, founder, and CEO of Econz IT Services Pvt. Ltd., continuously engages in balancing the growth and stability of the organization through partnership and strategic alliances. This has made us a Premier Google Cloud Partner and one of the recommended Digital Marketing Agencies in the enterprise B2B segment. Besides business Moby’s deep passion involves playing Football, Self-reflection and Travelling.

Offices: Bangalore(Headquarters) Kochi and Coimbatore