EasyDaftar: Revolutionizing Coworking Space for Turning Disruption into Opportunity

Saahil Wadhwa,Director & Founder

Saahil Wadhwa

Director & Founder

Are you ready to move your coffee mugs around? Right from dedicated desks to private cabins, and rooftop atrium to contemporary conference rooms, coworking space is building the new tomorrow of work. In a metropolis like Kolkata, acquiring one’s own commercial office is no less a dream, but with EasyDaftar’s executive cubicles & professional work stations, startups are able to explore their creative instincts like never before. Entrenched in 2016 by Saahil Wadhwa (Director & Founder), this Kolkata-based venture is the first coworking chain which has emerged as the only commercial space management service provider having outlets across all key business districts – Salt Lake (IT sector), Park Street (CBD), and Rashbehari (South Kolkata Biz. district).

Catering to diverse collective clientele comprising of 100+ corporates, SMEs, startups, consultants, freelancers, business houses & entrepreneurs, EasyDaftar is spread in an area of aggregate 15,000 sq. ft., thus providing ample space for all types of workstations. Being the only provider having partnership with Amazon Web Services in Kolkata, its clients get access to $1800 worth of free credits; while the add-on advantage is EasyDaftar’s complimentary
coworking partnership with other spaces in Tier-1 cities that allows for free of cost office usage exclusively for members visiting such cities.

EasyDaftar’s cross-outlet solutions in various geographical divisions make it easier and profitable for customers to cut down travel cost

Of Hot Desks to Creative Workstations
Unmatched in-segment service quality offered at EasyDaftar, which you find in business centers of international repute, adds to its prestige. Unlike typical offices divided by wooden cubicles, EasyDaftar’s infrastructure invites customers to mark their attendance daily. From shared & dedicated desks to creatively crafted private cabins (designed specifically to accommodate 3-10 persons), sophisticated executive cubicles to collaborative conference rooms and privately craved telephone room, EasyDaftar provides fully furnished independent yet shared workplace with 24 hours accessibility, at prices starting from Rs.4000 onwards, thus making it affordable for all. EasyDaftar’s cross-outlet solutions in various geographical divisions make it easier and profitable for customers to cut down travel cost. Additionally to maintain women friendly spaces, responsive Women Outlet & Community Managers are provided to enhance approachability.

While hunting for a befitted working space, speedy internet
connection becomes an indispensible need for digital nomads. Catering to such systems, every outlet of EasyDaftar provisions stable internet speed of two MBPS bandwidth simultaneously up to 100 devices proffered with high grade Enterprise level hardware. In times of electricity cutoffs, the backup lines setup automatically takes over to ensure that there is no loss of Internet. Another quandary that customers complain of are the hidden terms & conditions that involve forfeiting of security deposits and masked losses; however, EasyDaftar provides its customers the liberty to terminate the agreement anytime with a simple 30 days notice period, this happily said goodbye initiates further in-circle recommendations. Basic IT troubleshooting and pro-active steps are brought into action to provide additional value and commence organic word of mouth endorsements.

The Future of Work
After securing a prestigious client profile including Uber, Orion Edutech, EazyERP, Nearbuy, India Today, and many more, this fast-growing coworking player is drawing blueprints for PAN India expansion while cementing its position as a premium service provider at pocket friendly prices. This acts like a testament validating its services through sale & retention instead of using inorganic means of growth. With a dozen team members on board, EasyDaftar aims to provide value beyond the table & chair and create a robust community which leads to knowledge sharing. “Without wasting more time experimenting in the market, Grab an EasyDaftar now!” concludes Saahil.