DUXMedia: Amalgamating Professionalism & Technology to Build a High Impact Internet Broadcasting Medium

Supreet Singh, Founder & CTO

Supreet Singh

Founder & CTO

Internet broadcasting services is a fairly new concept in the Indian market, while it is expected to grow $70.05 billion (globally) by 2021.The flood of ‘me too’ service providers tampers the core service provision, leading to short lived results and incomplete procedures. Bringing in a more enterprising version by integrating world-class technical expertise with the industrial know-how is Bangalore based DUXMedia. Offering industrial grade Internet broadcast solutions and technologies, DUXMedia, as its name (Digital User eXperiences) reflects, is blending technology and user experience to build high-quality video content complementing internet usage, mainly encompassing video on demand (VOD) content, live internet broadcasting/live streaming and user experience design services.

DUXMedia collaborates with experienced producers, content creators, directors, motion designers, broadcast technologists and several other niche experts to qualitatively amplify the video content being delivered in the online platform. The team even sets up an onsite studio and engages in a full-fledged TV styled show for the internet, heavily leveraging Cloud, Android & iOS platforms. “We are also able to bring in multiple people across geographies in real-time, via
Internet, to a central location where we are able to produce a very high quality broadcast grade production for multi platform delivery,” says Supreet Singh, Founder & CTO, DUXMedia.

The team even sets up an onsite studio and engages in a full-fledged TV styled show for the internet, heavily leveraging Cloud, Android & iOS platforms

“We work extensively on understanding the content realm and figure out how to deliver high quality streams on custom platforms & apps,” adds Supreet. To ensure streamlining of processes, the company also facilitates its clients with Management and Probation of internet lease line infrastructure and satellite DSNG uplinking, where it offers its cyber and SATCOM backbone at the location to help deliver pristine quality with no lags and glitches.

Such video production invariably complements the company’s live broadcasting offering that heavily relies on encoding and cloud delivery management. With the help of high-grade on-premise encoding hardware and cloud platforms like Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure, DUXMedia holds the ability to ingest upto 10,000 streams with a successful delivery to almost every online platform, most common being YouTube, Facebook and Twitter. The company has indeed built a standpoint in this realm, focusing on on-time live and VOD transcoding along with content delivery network(CDN) services.
The omnipresent and glitch free broadcast of IPL 2011, 2012 and 2013 and Facebook broadcasts of Mark Zuckerberg’s visit to IIT Delhi by DUXMedia stands as a testament to the company’s immense credibility.

Assurance of Security
Dealing with such high-profile clients calls for heavy data and identity protection. In case of a limited audience request by the client, the DUXMedia team sets up a custom secure HTTPS and encrypted HTML5 video broadcast, integrating with secure sign-in system and delivering streams inside their network which is protected from public broadcasts. Moreover, its compliance with the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting enables it to use a secure satellite uplink system, for intended stakeholders in the defined perimeter. Post streaming, the whole data is drop-shipped to the client, and eradicated completely from DUXMedia’s database. The company’s projects with the Pope in Vatican, The Obama Foundation with President Barack Obama and several national government agencies can vouch for its iron clad security parameters.

More in the Pipeline
DUXMedia team’s growth complements the ever-changing technical growth. Currently, the team is growing together and working towards becoming a one-stop-solutions company for technology and video services in APAC and MENA. “We are currently working on delivering sub-millisecond latency live streams, 360 Degree VR live streaming and introducing 4k resolution live streaming that can improve streaming multi-folds. Soon we will develop our own streaming media platform for people to use as a product,” concludes Supreet.