DR Waterlock: A Frontrunner in India's Waterproofing Services Industry

Ankit Dugar ,Co-Founder

Ankit Dugar


In the domain of home and commercial assets possession, the importance of proper waterproofing can't be overstated, because it performs a pivotal position in retaining top-of-the-line indoor surroundings with advantages ranging from energy efficiency to normal comfort. Whether the intention is to lessen expenses, enhance property costs, or make a contribution to environmental conservation, making an investment in expert waterproofing services proves to be a smart decision.

The context of this is heightened via India's developing industry, which is projected to have a CAGR of 7.5 percent from 2022 to 2027, pushed by urbanization, rising disposable incomes, and government infrastructure tasks. Amidst this burgeoning sector, DR Waterlock, set up in 2017, has emerged as a frontrunner in the field. With six years of priceless enjoyment, the organization's dedicated in-residence group of 50+ skilled applicators distinguish it from the industry.

The firm stands proud in the market as a pioneer in waterproofing and heat roofing coatings, presenting a unique proposition that sets it apart. “Our remarkable expertise extends to waterproofing homes with lifespans exceeding 30, 50, and even 80 years and yet doing it perfectly without ruining the house heritage, unlike many other enterprises. Our therapy requires minimum civil interference, permitting us to protect the natural elements and beauty of the building. In just 5.5 years, we've served multinational companies, corporates, and high-end clients”, speaks Ankit Dugar, Co-Founder.
What distinguishes DR Waterlock isn't simply its extremely good services but the caliber of the firm’s skilled applicators. The company’s crew undergoes regular training, ensuring they stay abreast of latest techniques and keep the best foot forward.

DR Waterlock’s commitment to excellence extends beyond the mere provision of waterproofing and roofing coatings – it is a meticulous, degree-precise technique. Understanding that every creation factor, from basement outer walls to water tanks, lavatories, kitchen regions, planters, uncovered surfaces, and the roof, demands a tailored answer, the firm rejects the one-length-suits-all mentality.

In new constructions, the company embarks on a journey that entails wonderful cures for every degree, recognizing the particular environmentally demanding situations each factor poses. For instance, basement and retaining walls require a special treatment than water tanks, bathrooms, or kitchen areas. Even laminating the whole construction involves the application of specialized chemical substances designed for the reason.

DR Waterlock’s commitment to excellence extends beyond the mere provision of waterproofing & roofing coatings

“Our corporation offers a comprehensive range of specialized waterproofing offerings designed to cope with diverse structural desires. With a focus on terrace waterproofing, our precise three chemical - five layers therapy provides extraordinary waterproofing and thermal insulation, doing away with the need for plastering and resulting in considerable financial savings. Tackling the mission of basement waterproofing head-on, our specialized chemical mix, mixed with good-sized experience in treating masses of basements, ensures 100 percent waterproofing and lifelong safety”, adds Ankit Dugar.

For water tanks, pools, toilets, and whole buildings, DR Waterlock’s exceptional-in-magnificence remedies promise lifelong waterproofing. The firm’s cool coatings and thermal insulation services provide effective protection in opposition to intense temperatures for diverse structures, such as terraces, outer walls, tin shades, warehouses, and walkways.

In the subsequent 5 years, DR Waterlock is poised for massive growth and strategic enlargement in the waterproofing enterprise. The firm plan consists of setting up places of work in key towns nationally, solidifying its presence in the most important markets. Simultaneously, DR Waterlock has also proposed to install its production facilities in Jaipur, propelling it to grow to be the largest-scale company of waterproofing. With its headquarters in Jaipur and branches in Chandigarh and Kanpur, the firm’s 3-place footprint enables it to offer in over 18 cities throughout India.