DISYS: The Go-To Solution Provider For All Your Staffing Needs

Kumar Rajagopalan & Sumeet Pankajakshan,Vice PresidentsThe magnitude and scope of the Indian IT staffing market have exploded in the last 20 years, going from a few million dollars to a monstrous multi-billion-dollar industry today. The introduction of “sunrise” industries, including e-commerce, telecommunications, and insurance, in addition to a wide range of employment options for entry-level executives and short job stints for senior managers, have all made significant contributions to the expansion of the IT staffing industry. India currently has the thirteenth-largest employment market on the planet, and by 2025, the Indian staffing market will likely rank sixth globally if it continues in this direction.

Services and Unique Features
In order to meet specific talent gap, DISYS provides well-laid connectivity to current popular IT and Non-IT talent and a wide range of staffing solutions, including interim, temp-to-hire, and full-time positions across entire teams.

According to SIA, DISYS is among the top US Talent solutioning partners. The firm is able to better serve its clients’ necessities, thanks to its global presence” We have made significant investments in cutting-edge technologies to serve our clients. As a result, many Fortune 500 firms prefer to work with us. With more than 12,000 employees and consultants servicing clients globally, we generate more than a billion dollar in revenue.” states Kumar Rajagopalan, Vice President – India, Middle East Bangladesh operations.

In 2021, DISYS acquired Signature Consultants, multi-million-dollar staffing firm in the US. Together, this venture would be the eighth-largest staffing firm in the US based on its annual revenues. This achievement was made possible by their shared culture and objective, investments in top talent, commitment to world-class training, and increased skills and competencies to serve their clients.

DISYS’ seasoned IT recruiters and staffing specialists ask the right questions to understand the needs of the clients, conduct rigorous assessments to ensure the best technical and cultural fit, and deliver the agility and speed needed in securing talent across multiple specialty skill areas such as Application Development, Business Intelligence, Data Analytics, Big Data, Business and IT consulting, Cloud Computing, Customer Relationship Management, Database Administration, Deskside Support, Helpdesk Management, Human Capital Management, Implementation Rollouts and upgrades, SAP Consulting and Project Management, QA Testing, Information Security.

DISYS provides comprehensive talent management services, including hiring, onboarding, training, and success planning in addition to IT Staffing Solutions, Digital & Data Managed Services, and Digital Health Solutions. They are also a contingent Labor Supplier for Finance, Risk, Audit, Legal, Compliance, Professional, Marketing, Creative, HR, Recruiting/Talent Acquisition, Accounting, Administration, and Customer Service Roles.

“We work directly with clients, and this gives us an edge over other staffing companies. We build stronger credibility with the prospective candidates due to our direct communication with clients. We keep our candidates better engaged through regular feedback shared on the interview process. Our global HRBP model helps to keep our recruiters engaged and involved. We celebrate our performers lavishly. Appreciation forums lead to stronger engagement.

Lucrative incentive schemes drive people to do more for our clients. Our Succession Plan is transparent and purely performance and potential based. Our people see rapid growth both in terms of their role and increments. Our strong culture in harnessing diversity and inclusion in every process we deploy enables our employees and partners to feel empowered”, explains Kumar Rajagopalan.

DISYS’ recently executed a multiyear digital transformation project on a funding from Bill
& Melinda Gates Foundation, for Agriculture Department of Govt of Bihar, India. This innovative project transformed various departments within the Agri sector of Bihar Government from non-digital to cutting-edge digital technology platform that encompasses data collection to data representation. Our successful deployment of a large and complex data and digital Agritech decision platform to the Govt of Bihar through Bill and Melinda Gates foundation sponsorship during the time of covid-19 (which spanned over 24 months) is one of the key solutions DISYS delivered within the India geography.

In India, DISYS has continuously grown, and they now have delivery centers in Chennai, Noida, Mumbai, Bengaluru, and Pune from which they offer top-notch services. The firm intends to make large investments in the future to broaden the scope of the services it offers through its centers of excellence for automation, digital transformation, cloud computing, data, and AI/ML. To support its plans for future growth, DISYS’ newest facility in the Pune SEZ area will significantly increase recruiting operations.

“We adopted early work from home option and our recruiters were geographically distributed over different cities and even small townsacross the globe during covid times. We grew 35% in head count during this period of covid lock downs. Post this, we adopted a hybrid model within a short period and relocated our recruiters to one of our physical offices when things started normalizing. During this period, we have upscaled ourselves as the first staffing focused company to get certified as CMMI Level 5 SVC 2.0. Our adherence to quality engaged us to obtain ISO 9001, ISO 27001 and ISO 27701 certifications.

All these distinctions are achieved during the covid period to strengthen the internal processes” cites Kumar Rajagopalan. Employee learning and development to cross-skill and up-skill has always been a priority for DISYS. “This L&D culture and the pillars that are based on it are the foundation for our capacity to scale up. Employees can then adopt DISYS’ values and culture as they advance within the company.” adds Sumeet Pankajakshan – Vice President – Global Recruiting Delivery Head. Regardless of where the talent is in their growth trajectory, DISYS aims to provide a platform that can fulfil the needs of both their clients and employees. We engage recruiters to get trained in domain, technology, communication,andleadership (for exampleDale Carnegie leadership coaching)”, cites Sumeet.

DISYS provides larger enterprises with flexibility, speed, and cost savings which is a crucial success factor for them. The firm provides affordable solution packages for smaller and mid-sized businesses, enabling them to experience genuine cost reductions. Additionally, they engage on managed capability projects, which provide their clients more control while they meet their workforce demands. As they are relationship-driven and have employee-friendly rules, they have substantially greater staff retention rates than its rivals. DISYS” unique environment coupled with their nimble connections to top talent are aiding the firm in meeting the robust digital challenges being faced by clients in the current era, making DISYS a guiding partner for firms across the world irrespective of the industry.

Path Ahead
DISYS has been serving international clientele since 1994. Services from India were first targeted towards international clients rather than the local market when DISYS first began operating. Since it began operations in 2012 in India, DISYS has placed a greater emphasis on developing specialized solutions for its clients internationally, including some major clients in the Middle East. For the benefit of global captive centers, unicorn start-ups, and Indian multinational corporations, DISYS expanded its focus to these regions in 2019 and developed processes that were designed for them. Delivering superior customer experience is still at the center of all their ideals. DISYS is serving fortune 500 clients and more specifically it has increased its presence with large corporations in India, Dubai, and APAC regions over the past 10 years.

The firm’s long-term strategic goals are to considerably grow both their domestic as well as global markets over the next three to five years. In the field of technology and personnel solutions, they aspire to be one of the top three competitors and a renowned and reliable partner. “While our monetary goal is to build the company to gather momentum, our values are always to build a company that provides superior experience to our customers, employees, partners and others associated with us”, signs off Sumeet Pankajakshan – Vice President – Global Recruitment.

DISYS – Fast facts
• 48 Global locations (30 U.S. and 18 International)
• 24x7x365 Managed Services Business Operations (MSBO) in the U.S., Canada, Europe, India, and Brazil.
• Global Delivery Model with approximately 100 US recruiters across all US offices to support local clients and global, Centralized Recruiting Team operating in India through a dedicated team of more than 750 IT and 90 non-IT/professional recruiters servicing geographies in EMEA, APAC, India, and other international locations.
• Specialized talent gap solution experts in recruiting and support both on the technology and the deep domain expertise front.

SUMEET PANKAJAKSHAN, who leads the Global Delivery function, is a commerce graduate with a “Born to Win” attitude and is well known in the Talent Solution industry. With over 20 years of experience, Sumeet is one of the key architects in building large teams, processes, geographically distributed workforce and scaling-up operations for DISYS. His unique ability to identify talents at a very young age is a key driver to DISYS’ success in the last 5 years. Sumeet managed some of the large clients globally with his human-centric approach that has yielded 100% growth year-over-year.

KUMAR RAJAGOPALAN leads India Operations and provides strategic direction in building offshore centres for DISYS. Since its opening in 2012, the India office is the main delivery unit of DISYS, and operates in five major cities across the country, including Chennai, Noida, Pune, Bangalore, and Mumbai. Rajagopalan brings more than 30 years of experience. Rajagopalan is also a Qualified Chartered Accountant and has completed large Audit engagements, including Public Sector enterprises, for large public and private companies. Rajagopalan is also actively participating in Industry forums and is a national member of NASSCOM SME council.